Drew Barrymore Admits She Was Once In An ‘Open Relationship’ With Luke Wilson – Watch

3 months ago


January 27, 2022 6:05PM EST

Drew Barrymore opened up astir her ‘wild’ past and dating beingness which included being successful an unfastened narration with Luke Wilson.

Drew Barrymore, 46, reflected connected her “young and wild” days which progressive being successful an unfastened narration with Luke Wilson50. The histrion reflected connected the bully aged days with her person Kate Hudson42, connected her speech show The Drew Barrymore Show. “When we archetypal met, we were young and wild,” the 50 First Dates star reminisced of her and Kate’s friendship.

Kate Hudson and Drew spell WAY back. Back to a barroom successful Santa Monica erstwhile Drew was successful (what ended up being) an unfastened narration with Luke Wilson.

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“I deliberation it was astatine a bar/restaurant … Chez Jay’s successful Santa Monica, with Luke [Wilson],” the Almost Famous star recalled. They remembered that Kate was determination due to the fact that she was filming Alex & Emma with Luke. As for Drew, she admitted she was successful attendance because “I was dating him, but I deliberation helium was besides dating different people.”

She rapidly clarified it wasn’t a communicative of heartbreak. “It was an unfastened relationship; we were young,” the Never Been Kissed star continued. “We’re conscionable young, we’re having fun, we’re each playing, acting, hanging out. You’re not taking it each truthful seriously, and it was amusive and we had the champion time,” she added. Alexa & Emma came retired successful 2003 truthful this apt went down successful precocious 2002 oregon aboriginal 2003 erstwhile Drew was 26 and Luke was 30.

Drew Barrymore, Luke WilsonDrew Barrymore and Luke Wilson. (Alex Berliner/BEI/Shutterstock)

As for Drew’s much monogamous relationships, Drew has been joined three times over. She wed Jerry Thomas in 1994 but the matrimony lone lasted for 2 months. She past married comedian Tom Green in 2001 but divided successful 2002, conscionable earlier her fling with Luke Wilson. She tied the knot with her 3rd husband Will Kopelman 10 years aboriginal successful 2012. They past had 2 kids together, Olive Barrymore Kopelman, 9, and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, 7 but yet divided successful 2016.

Now single, Drew has thrust herself backmost into the dating world. She took a four-year hiatus aft her astir caller divorce and now, she struggles with dating during the coronavirus pandemic. While she would similar to find emotion again, she has immoderate wide expectations this clip around. “I would possibly unrecorded with idiosyncratic again maybe, but I’ve had kids, and there’s nary way. I volition never, ever, ever, ever get married,” she told Bobby Berk during an occurrence of The Drew Barrymore Show.