Eboni K. Williams Shares Her Hopes For The ‘RHONY’ Reunion & Whether She’d Return For A 2nd Season

1 week ago

Exclusive Interview

September 14, 2021 4:09PM EDT

Now that Andy Cohen has confirmed determination volition beryllium a reunion for ‘RHONY’, Eboni K. Williams is sharing what she hopes to execute during the yearly special.

Eboni K. Williams feels “great” present that Andy Cohen has confirmed determination volition beryllium a reunion for The Real Housewives of New York City this season. Fans had disquieted that determination wouldn’t beryllium a reunion this play since it’s usually filmed earlier the existent play ends, and Season 13 has already concluded — but present it’s officially happening, and Eboni is thrilled.

“I deliberation that would’ve been conscionable a missed accidental to not person a reunion aft a play that was met with a batch of opinions and perspectives, right? That’s what reunions are for and get everything connected the table,” Eboni told HollywoodLife during an EXCLUSIVE interrogation connected IG Live connected Sept. 13. “I person feelings and thoughts. I americium definite that my cast-mates person feelings and thoughts and I deliberation it’s going to beryllium a fantastic reunion.”

But don’t expect Eboni to spell disconnected connected anyone erstwhile the formed does reunite for the reunion. “I don’t truly bash confrontation. That’s not truly my jam,” she said. “I’m looking guardant to proceeding [their] thoughts and opinions — astir apt the astir of Luann [de Lesseps], [though], due to the fact that we’ve had the slightest magnitude of connection since the amusement aired, I would say.”

My squad is getting acceptable for THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY REUNION! Tweet maine each of your questions for the ladies NOW and delight fto maine cognize wherever you're from successful the question!

— Andy Cohen (@Andy) September 10, 2021

Eboni K. WilliamsEboni K. Williams was precocious chosen to beryllium a impermanent big connected ‘The View’ aft Meghan McCain’s departure. (BRAVO)

When asked whether she’d instrumentality for different season, Eboni, who volition beryllium guest-hosting connected The View soon, told us, “We cognize however this happening goes, right? First, the web gets to marque a determination astir who they privation to widen invitations to, and I’m beauteous definite that’s going to beryllium aft the reunion. And then, erstwhile they marque their decision, those of america that are fortunate to get a determination back, we get to marque a decision. Does it marque sense? I’m conscionable idiosyncratic that makes decisions astir what makes sense. What makes consciousness personally? What makes consciousness for maine connected a concern determination due to the fact that I americium a concern woman. What makes consciousness for my idiosyncratic beingness and my fiscal goals, frankly.”

At this time, it hasn’t been revealed erstwhile the RHONY formed volition movie the reunion truthful the amusement is presently connected hiatus.