Eddie Murphy’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 10 Kids From Oldest To Youngest

4 days ago

Learn much astir Eddie Murphy’s 10 children, who the histrion has had with 5 antithetic women passim his career.

Eddie Murphy60, has been a beloved histrion and comedian since helium made his debut on Saturday Night Live successful 1980. Along with his lengthy and memorable career, which includes an Emmy and a Golden Globe win, Eddie has built a household to stock successful his success. His 10 children travel from relationships he’s had with 5 antithetic women, and it seems similar the Delirious comedian has a beardown enslaved with his kids.

In total, Eddie has six daughters and 4 sons. His children’s ages scope greatly, from 3 to 32. The histrion has expressed pridefulness successful each of his children. “I truly got fortunate with my kids. There truly isn’t a atrocious 1 successful the bunch, everyone turned retired to beryllium truly bully people,” helium told People in 2016. Learn much astir Eddie’s 10 children here.

Eddie poses with his kids connected the reddish carpet. (Shutterstock)

Eric Murphy

Eddie’s eldest lad is Eric Murphy, 32, who was calved to the comedian’s woman Paulette McNeely in 1989. While he’s mostly stayed retired of the spotlight and kept a mostly debased profile, Eric is dating Jasmin Lawrence, the girl of different celebrated comedian Martin Lawrence. He’s regularly appeared connected her Instagram, and connected June 24, 2021, helium wrote a saccharine connection to fto her cognize however helium feels astir her. “Head implicit heels successful LOVE with YOU,” helium wrote successful the caption.

Bria Murphy

Bria Murphy, 31, is Eddie’s oldest daughter. Her parent is Nicole Mitchellwhom Eddie has 5 children with. She is simply a ocular artist, who regularly displays her paintings (and photos of herself painting) connected her Instagram. Many of her paintings are gorgeous portraits of Black women. Besides being a creator herself, Bria is besides the co-founder of the assemblage ArtUs. Bria has besides taken connected a fewer movie and TV roles, astir notably successful The Perfect Match in 2016, wherever she played Mimi, according to IMDb.

Christian Murphy

Eddie had Christian Murphy, 30, with his girlfriend Tamara Hood successful 1990. Even though Christian besides keeps a low-profile, helium has posted a fewer saccharine household photos of the extended Murphy household to his Instagram, showing that each the half-siblings occasionally get unneurotic for the holidays.

Miles Mitchell Murphy

Eddie’s 2nd kid with Nicole, Miles Mitchell Murphy, 28, was besides the archetypal kid to marque the comedian a grandfather. Miles and his longtime girlfriend Carly Olivia welcomed their small girl Evie Isla into the satellite connected July 2, 2019. When celebrating Evie’s 2nd birthday, Carly shared a representation of the young household connected Instagram. “You are our full satellite Evie Isla Murphy. Mommy and daddy emotion you truthful overmuch small chromatic bee,” she wrote.

Shayne Audra Murphy

Eddie and Nicole’s 3rd child Shayne Audra Murphy, 26, was calved successful October 1994. While immoderate of her siblings person followed their father’s pb into careers successful acting, Shayne is alternatively pursuing a modeling career. She regularly shares beauteous photos of her stunning outfits connected Instagram.

Zola Ivy Murphy

Zola Ivy Murphy, 21, was welcomed into the satellite by Eddie and Nicole connected December 24, 1999. Like her sister, Zola is besides seeking a vocation successful modeling. Other than the manner industry, Zola made her world TV debut with her ma and immoderate of her siblings connected VH1’s Hollywood Exes.

Bella Murphy

Eddie’s youngest kid with Nicole was Bella Murphy, 19, who was calved successful January 2002. Like her father, Bella is is trying to marque her people successful Hollywood and is pursuing an acting career. Her debut relation was surely a large one. She starred alongside her begetter successful the comedy Coming 2 America. Eddie was surely excited to get to enactment with his girl connected the movie. “You know, if you person children, your kid could bash similar a schoolhouse play, and your bosom volition burst with pride. To look implicit connected the set, seeing her, I had a large elephantine arrogant papa infinitesimal each day,” helium told Today in February 2021.

Eddie with his kids astatine the ‘Shrek 4’ premiere. (Shutterstock)

Angel Iris Murphy Brown

After Eddie and Nicole divorced successful 2006, helium had a little narration with the Spice Girl Melanie Brown. From the fling, she had her daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown, 14, successful 2007. When Mel B archetypal had Angel, the mates had immoderate debate, wherever Eddie said that helium needed a DNA trial to beryllium that the small miss was his, according to People successful June 2007. Despite immoderate challenges aboriginal on, it sounds similar Eddie and Angel get on great, wherever a root adjacent to the household said helium was an “amazing father” to People in 2018. ” She texts Eddie and is connected the telephone with him each the time. She loves her dad,” the root said.

Izzy Oona Murphy

Eddie has been dating model Paige Butcher since 2012. The mates has been engaged since 2018. The brace had a girl unneurotic successful May 2016, named Izzy Oona Murphy, 5. Izzy has appeared sitting connected her father’s thigh successful a fewer of his household Christmas photos, similar the ones that Christian has posted connected Instagram.

Max Charles Murphy

Eddie and Paige welcomed their youngest son Max Charles Murphy, 3, successful November 2018. Max was sweetly named aft Eddie’s older member Charlie Murphy, who died successful 2017, aft battling leukemia. Like Eddie, Charlie was besides an histrion and comedian.