Eddy Alvarez: 5 Things About Baseball Star & Team USA Flag Bearers At Olympic Opening Ceremony

4 days ago

Eddy Alvarez was named arsenic a emblem bearer for the United States connected Wednesday July 21. He volition stock the grant with women’s hoops subordinate Sue Bird.

Few athletes ever spell to the Olympics and adjacent less get to grant their location state arsenic emblem bearers successful the opening ceremony. For the Tokyo Olympics successful 2021, Team USA selected shot player Eddy Alvarez, 31, and hoops player, Sue Bird40, to transportation the grant for their squad connected Friday July 23. Being a emblem bearer is an unthinkable privilege for some athletes.

Thank you to everyone that honored maine with this privilege! I volition question our colors proudly 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #GoTeamUSA https://t.co/eshDmDdmjS

— Eddy Alvarez (@eddyalvarez90) July 21, 2021

The Miami autochthonal tweeted astir his excitement to get to play for the United States and beryllium a emblem bearer during Friday’s ceremony. “Thank you to everyone that honored maine with this privilege! I volition question our colors proudly,” helium tweeted on with the announcement. Here are 5 things you should cognize astir Eddy!

Eddy is portion of the Miami Marlins organization. (Shutterstock)

1. Eddy Is An Olympic Silver Medalist

Baseball isn’t the lone athletics that Eddy excels at. Growing up, 1 of his earliest loves was speed-skating. Eddie competed astatine the 2014 Winter Olympics successful Sochi arsenic a speed-skater for the U.S. team, wherever helium won a metallic medal. Eddy had tried retired for the speed-skating squad successful 2010, but didn’t marque the squad astatine the Olympic Trials. After winning the silver, Eddy called speed-skating a “a young man’s game,” and said shot was his “main priority” successful a 2014 interrogation with TeamUSA.org.

Eddy is 1 of lone 11 Americans to ever vie successful some Summer and Winter Olympic games. If helium wins a medal astatine the Tokyo Olympics, he’ll go the six jock successful past (from immoderate country) to ever triumph medals successful aggregate sports, via MLB.

2. Eddy Plays For The Miami Marlins’ AAA Team

Eddy started his nonrecreational shot vocation successful 2014, playing for the Chicago White Sox’s minor-league teams. He played for a assortment of the Chicago team’s insignificant league clubs and moved passim the ranks of antithetic levels. He finished his clip with the White Sox enactment with their Triple-A team, the Charlotte Knights. He was traded to the Miami Marlins enactment successful 2019. He presently plays for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, 1 of the Marlins’ Triple-A affiliates. It seems similar shot runs successful his family. Eddy’s older member Nick besides played minor-league shot for seven-years, according to TeamUSA.org.

3. Eddy Made His MLB Debut In 2020

Eddie yet got to suit-up for the large leagues successful 2020. He played 12 games with the Miami Marlins, starting connected August 5, 2020. During his little clip connected the team, helium took 37 astatine bats, had 7 hits, and scored 6 runs, via MLB. Even though helium was sent backmost to Triple-A, being a minor-leaguer is wherefore he’s successful the Olympics successful the archetypal place. MLB players, who are portion of a team’s 40-player roster, aren’t allowed to vie successful the Olympic games for baseball.

Eddy playing shortstop for the Marlins. (Shutterstock)

4. Playing In The Olympics Is A Bigger Deal To Eddy Than The MLB

Eddy said that he’s not acrophobic astir missing retired connected the accidental to suit-up for an MLB squad again portion playing for Team USA, successful an interrogation with the MLB. He called playing for the Olympic squad a “no-brainer” and said that it has “more meaning astatine the infinitesimal for me.”

The infielder besides said that making the Team USA shot squad had been a moving gag successful his family”It’s thing maine and my parents ever joked about,” helium said. “‘What if I marque it to the Olympics successful shot too?’ The information that could go a world is beauteous nuts. Just ace excited. It’s an implicit imagination travel existent of excavation to beryllium a dual-sport Olympian.”

5. Eddy Is Married And Has One Son

Eddy is joined to Miami Realtor Gaby Alvarez. The mates announced that they were expecting a babe successful February 2020 connected Instagram. The brace adorably held a tiny Miami Marlins jersey. Their son, Jett, made his debut, soon aft Eddy archetypal stepped up to the sheet for the Marlins. Eddy announced that he’d been calved successful an August 21, 2020 Instagram post. Hopefully, Jett volition get to spot his dada triumph a golden medal this year!