Elizabeth Ragsdale: 5 Things To Know About The Mother Of Simon Monjack’s Secret Son

4 days ago

One of the galore shocking revelations successful ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’ is that her husband, Simon Monjack, secretly fathered a kid with Elizabeth Ragsdale. Here’s what you request to know.

Ever since Brittany Murphy died from pneumonia and anemia successful 2009, there person been galore questions astir her tragic decease and her narration with Simon Monjack, a low-level Hollywood screenwriter who would dice of akin causes six months later. What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, a two-part HBO Max documentary, aimed to reply immoderate of the mysteries surrounding her tragic death. In doing so, it uncovered a shocking truth: Simon fathered not 1 but 2 children with different women.

One of those women was Elizabeth Ragsdale. What Happened, Brittany Murphy? marks her archetypal nationalist connection connected her concealed narration with Simon and their present 18-year-old lovechild. As the satellite takes successful each the caller accusation astir Simon, Brittany, and their arguable relationship, here’s the scoop connected Elizabeth.

1. Elizabeth & Simon Had A Relationship In The 1990s

Brittany and Simon allegedly met erstwhile she was 17 erstwhile helium became friends with her and her mother, Sharon Murphy. Around that time, Simon became progressive with Elizabeth, a pistillate from Paris. Their narration was much than a one-off because…


2. Elizabeth Was Once Engaged To Simon

In June 1998, Simon popped the question to Elizabeth successful a Harrod’s section store successful Paris. However, astatine this time, cracks began to look successful Simon’s façade. After Elizabeth turned him down for sex, helium tearfully told her that helium had “spinal cancer” and was undergoing treatments successful Monaco. Elizabeth acquiesced to his pleading, and they made love. “He was precise rough,” she said successful What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, adding that they had enactment “wasn’t ever erstwhile I wanted to.”

3. He Told Her His ‘Cancer’ Treatments Would Make Him ‘Sterile’ 

In September 1998, the 2 were unneurotic successful Monaco, and helium said that if they were going to person children, she had to get large close past due to the fact that the “sharp cartilage treatments” would marque him sterile.

Simon’s mother, Linda Monjack, defended her precocious son, saying that helium developed utmost paranoia aft his ain father’s decease from cancer. “I surely don’t deliberation helium went retired to archer radical helium had cancer. I deliberation helium believed it,” she said. Whether oregon not helium believed it, the results were the same: Elizabeth got large successful Monaco.

4. She Gave Birth To Their Son In 2003

Elizabeth’s gestation wasn’t a blessed one. She got precise sick portion carrying her and Simon’s child. Elizabeth wanted to alert her sister and her household retired to sojourn Monaco, which Simon changeable down. A person of Elizabeth’s started to get disquieted due to the fact that she was chopped disconnected from everyone, and this isolation was taking a toll. One day, erstwhile Elizabeth came to visit, her person said she looked similar she had gotten backmost from a “concentration camp.” This person confronted Simon and told him to instrumentality Elizabeth to a doc – immediately! If helium wouldn’t, past she would, and Elizabeth thinks this person saved her life.

Simon said helium wanted to person the babe connected U.S. ungraded and flew backmost to New York up of Elizabeth. When she arrived successful the Big Apple, Elizabeth called up Simon to archer her that she had arrived. He hung up connected her. Elizabeth’s consequent attempts to interaction Simon proved useless. After Simon fundamentally ghosted her, Elizabeth called up his parent – and Linda revealed that Simon didn’t person crab and that helium had been utilizing Elizabeth’s wealth this full time.

Elizabeth yet got successful interaction with the proprietor of the villa wherever Simon was staying. The proprietor said that Simon had already recovered idiosyncratic else, which enraged Elizabeth. She turned her choler inward and thought astir sidesplitting herself but didn’t for the involvement of her baby.

In 2003, she gave commencement to a son, Elijah Ragsdale.

Brittany and Simon (Gregory Pace/BEI/Shutterstock)

5. Elizabeth Thinks Simon Contributed To Brittany’s Death

Simon yet contacted Elizabeth successful 2007, aft helium and Brittany became engaged. Elizabeth said that Simon offered to bargain her a house, which she believes was his mode of buying her silence. “The stakes were a batch higher with him being joined to Brittany,” she said. “He didn’t privation anybody to cognize I was retired determination with his son.” Simon besides threatened to travel and instrumentality Elijah from Elizabeth, which is wherefore she stayed silent.

“I cognize wherefore Britany chose Simon. He worked his spell connected her. And she fell for it. Like I did,” she said successful the doc. She besides thinks that Simon had a manus successful Brittany’s unfortunate death. “When I saw Brittany Murphy getting truly thin, I knew helium had thing to bash with that. He loved anorexic women. He would look astatine maine from down successful my jeans, and helium would go, ‘Do you truly deliberation you request to deterioration those jeans? Because you cognize you look benignant of..'” she said.

“I judge that Simon Monjack, adjacent if helium did not termination Brittany Murphy, helium allowed her to dice due to the fact that helium did not get her to the doc and get her help,” added Ragsdale. “And I judge that helium did the aforesaid happening to himself, knowing that helium needed aesculapian treatment. He didn’t get it, and helium died. He would alternatively beryllium dormant than to beryllium discovered arsenic the con creator helium was.”