Emma Kenney Says ‘Shameless’ Set Became ‘More Positive Place’ When Emmy Rossum Left

4 days ago


October 13, 2021 9:52PM EDT

‘Shameless’ Star Emma Kenney Says erstwhile co-star Emmy Rossum made her ‘anxious’ due to the fact that she could crook a ‘bad time into ‘everyone’s problem.’

Shameless star Emma Kenney, 22, has perfectly nary shame erstwhile it comes to calling retired erstwhile co-star Emmy Rossum, 35, who near the deed bid successful 2019. In the latest occurrence of Kenney’s Podcast Call Her Daddy, Kenney –who played Debbie Gallagher for all 12 seasons says that The Phantom of The Opera prima made her “anxious” and could crook her “bad day” into everyone’s problem!

The 2 actresses — who haven’t spoke successful implicit 2 years — were main characters erstwhile the amusement launched, on with William H. Macy, 71. After 9 season’s, Rossum near the bid aft allegedly having a falling retired implicit wage negotiations. Although Rossum’s exit was a daze to fans, Kenney says that her exit created a overmuch easier enactment situation for everyone connected set.

“It was weird astatine archetypal for definite but it also… the acceptable became much of a affirmative place, I’m not gonna lie,’ she said. ‘I retrieve pre [Rossum] leaving, I’d spell to acceptable immoderate days and I’d beryllium very anxious astir having a country with her due to the fact that if she had a atrocious day, she made it a atrocious time for everybody.” It wasn’t ever atrocious humor betwixt the two, however, arsenic Kenney felt similar she had a “sister relationship” with Rossum erstwhile the 2 started filming together.

Emma Kenney opened up astir her acquisition moving with Emmy Rossum. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

‘Growing up I decidedly took a enactment from — not conscionable her successful peculiar — but radical and things that I privation to transportation connected successful my beingness and things I bash not privation to transportation connected successful my life,’ Kenney said during her podcast.

Apparently, clip has healed each the wounds, arsenic Kenney added that she has thing but emotion for Rossum — and wishes her the best. “I person a batch of emotion for Emmy, I’ve known her for truthful long. We haven’t spoken successful years. But that’s okay. I person a batch of emotion for her, and I anticipation she finds her happiness.”

In May, Rossum gave commencement to a girl with hubby Sam Esmail. In an Instagram post, Rossum said that her newborn girl had antibodies owed to the information she was vaccinated against Covid-19 portion pregnant!

“When I was large I got vaccinated,” Rossum wrote connected Instagram. “Not lone did we person a healthy, beauteous babe miss but we besides conscionable learned our girl present has antibodies. In short, halt being an irresponsible idiot and get the vaccine.”

Rossum’s on-set antics bash not bespeak her quality to beryllium a bully mom, according to Kenney. “I heard she had a babe and that’s beauteous and I’m definite she’s going to beryllium a beauteous mother… truthful yeah,” the Connors histrion added.