England coach says Ashes win was impossible

3 months ago

England's acting manager Paul Collingwood said that it would not person mattered who donned the 3 lions during the Ashes bid - they would person mislaid nary substance what.

"I reckon if you had fixed america the champion England cricketers successful the Ashes from the past 100 years and enactment them successful the aforesaid situation that those boys person lived successful implicit the past 2 years with the mentation that we had going into this Ashes adjacent they wouldn't person had a chance," Collingwood said from Barbados, wherever helium is lasting successful for Chris Silverwood.

The erstwhile all-rounder said that portion errors had decidedly played a part, the players deserved praise for the conditions that they had to tolerate successful presumption of bubbles and biosecurity.

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Pat Cummins, Joe Root. (AP)

"Yes, we made mistakes, 100 per cent. We made enactment mistakes, we made flip mistakes, but the information we really turned up and agreed to a five-match Ashes series, the guys should beryllium fixed medals for that," helium said.

He went arsenic acold arsenic to accidental that bid could person been breached up into 2 abstracted tours.

"It would've been overmuch amended if we'd done 2 matches and past 3 adjacent year. That would've been a large compromise," Collingwood said.

Acting England manager Paul Collingwood. (Getty)

"But no, Australia were not bothered that they were going to person an England squad who were mentally fatigued, they conscionable wanted to get the merchandise retired there.

"They conscionable wanted the Ashes. These guys merit medals, not criticism. They should beryllium told 'well done' for adjacent going.

"It's the equivalent of the England shot squad being asked to spell to a World Cup, past from that bubble into the Euros. Would you expect a show from that scenario? It's ludicrous."

England repeatedly formed uncertainty connected the 2 period circuit portion negotiating for little restrictive wellness and question protocols successful the pandemic - earlier yet confirming the Ashes would spell up backmost successful October.

Several players came straight from a T20 World Cup run successful the UAE, jumping consecutive from 1 bubble to another.

"I don't deliberation radical person understood the interaction and the effects that these bubbles person had," Collingwood said.

"Going to the Ashes disconnected the backmost of a pugnacious bubble successful Dubai, I deliberation was virtually 1 measurement excessively far. You can't adjacent explicate what it's similar until you acquisition it.

"The elemental information is you cannot locomotion retired of your beforehand doorway and arsenic soon arsenic you're told that you cannot bash thing arsenic elemental arsenic going for a coffee, and you are penned successful with the aforesaid guys. A batch of radical volition accidental 'that indispensable beryllium fun' and 'you've got a beauteous hotel' [but] it hits you."

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