England star teases surprise Ashes return

4 days ago

Star all-rounder Ben Stokes has teased a imaginable instrumentality to cricket successful clip for this summer's Ashes series.

Stokes was near retired of England's 17-man squad named earlier this week, arsenic helium recovers from digit surgery. He's besides taking an indefinite interruption from the crippled to woody with intelligence wellness issues.

The all-rounder has present utilized an Instagram station to item the advancement he's made connected his injured finger, which was precocious operated connected for a 2nd time.

"12th April Broken Finger … 11th October archetypal clip since breaking being capable to get it circular my handle," helium wrote.

Ben Stokes celebrates aft England won the 3rd Test astatine Headingley. (PA/AAP)

Stokes missed the past Ashes bid successful Australia, successful 2017-18, amid the fallout from an incidental extracurricular a Bristol nightclub.

But helium proved the quality successful the 2-2 gully successful England successful 2019, including a singular innings of 135 not retired astatine Headingley which saw the location broadside bargain a celebrated victory.

Former Australian skipper Mark Taylor told Wide World of Sports earlier this week that had Stokes not been successful the England team, Australia would apt person won the bid 3-0 oregon 4-0.

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When the squad was released, England manager Chris Silverwood near the doorway unfastened for Stokes to beryllium included astatine a aboriginal day if helium feels up to it.

"Ben is moving forward, the communications I person had with him helium is decidedly much upbeat," Silverwood said.

"But what I volition accidental is determination volition beryllium nary unit from maine for him to unreserved back. I've said, 'When you're ready, you telephone maine and we'll marque a program from there'. So there's nary unit from maine and nary day connected it.

"I'm not going to archer him erstwhile helium comes back. I'll beryllium led by him and my interest archetypal and foremost is his wellbeing. And erstwhile helium does travel backmost we'll marque definite he's successful the close place."

Ben Stokes bowls during the 4th Test Match betwixt India and England successful Ahmedabad. (Getty)

But erstwhile England skipper Michael Vaughan has told the BBC, Stokes would beryllium amended disconnected taking a cautious approach.

"The occupation with an Ashes series, and Ben's got to beryllium realistic, the unit that you're under, the spotlight, connected idiosyncratic similar Ben who did truthful overmuch successful 2019, helium mightiness deliberation he'll gamble oregon spell a small spot early," Vaughan said.

"The 1 portion of advice, from seeing others conflict successful the past, conscionable instrumentality a small spot longer.

"If it's a spot longer and you comeback and you're fine, that's amended than coming backmost a small spot excessively soon and you're not rather right."

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