‘Euphoria’ Recap: Rue Starts Dealing Drugs & Nate Goes Back To Maddy

3 months ago


January 23, 2022 10:43PM EST

Rue’s downward spiral continued connected the caller occurrence of ‘Euphoria,’ portion Nate and Cassie’s concealed narration got much intense. However, he’s inactive got a happening for Maddy.

Rue’s relapse is getting harder and harder to hide. She decides to find a screen cause and tells Gia that she wants to commencement smoking weed. The sisters get into a immense combat implicit it, and Rue begins to gaslight Gia. A tearful Rue tells Gia that she’s reasoning astir suicide. Gia falls successful enactment with letting Rue fume weed due to the fact that of that.

Cassie is present getting up astatine 4 a.m. to get acceptable for school. It’s each to impressment Nate, but helium ignores her each azygous day. Cassie believes her ritual quality regular is “her mode of telling him that she was his.” There’s 1 clip that she gets Nate to halt successful his tracks, and it’s erstwhile she’s dressed similar Maddy.

Sydney SweeneySydney Sweeney arsenic Cassie. (HBO)

Rue Becomes A Drug Dealer

At 1 point, Cassie imagines spilling the beans astir everything to Maddy, Kat, Lexi, and others, but she ne'er says a word. Even though Nate ignores her astatine school, they’re inactive seeing each other. Cassie comes implicit each Friday nighttime for a screw-fest.

Rue goes to Fez and asks her to beforehand her drugs. Fez doesn’t play on with Rue’s games. He refuses to fto her merchantability immoderate drugs. Rue goes close to the root and pitches her program to cause lord Lori. Lori gives her a suitcase filled with $50,000 worthy of drugs. She says that Rue volition person to wage up and re-up successful a month. If Rue doesn’t pay, Lori volition person her kidnapped and sold to immoderate “real sick people.” At the extremity of the day, Lori is each astir 1 thing: money.

ZendayaZendaya arsenic Rue. (HBO)

Cal has been stalking Fez’s flat but ne'er makes a move. Ashtray sees Cal creeping and pulls a firearm connected him. Ashtray brings Cal to Fez. It doesn’t instrumentality agelong for Cal to get astute with Fez, truthful Ashtray beats up implicit the caput with his rifle. He says he’ll telephone the cops, but Fez and Ashtray telephone his bluff.

Cal admits that helium had enactment with Jules and didn’t cognize she was 17. All helium wants is the disk with their enactment portion connected it. Fez reveals that Nate is the 1 who has it. He besides notes that Nate is “in emotion with Jules,” and Cal is shell-shocked. Fez has nary thought astir this disk. Ashtray doesn’t privation to fto Cal go, but Fez makes the last decision. He lets Cal spell but makes him curse to keep Nate retired of their lives, arsenic good arsenic Rue and Jules’ lives.

Nate Returns To Maddy

Rue goes to a meeting, and Ali quizzes her astir the suitcase. She says she has textbooks successful there. When Rue gets astute with him, Ali begins to outcry astatine her. She claps back, “What are you going to do? Hit me?” That makes Ali locomotion away.

Meanwhile, Jules and Elliot speech astir Rue. Jules is inactive convinced that Elliot likes Rue. Elliot believes that Rue isn’t into him. Jules and Elliot statesman to bond. It’s wide that helium sees her for who she is and doesn’t justice her for it. There’s a increasing disconnect betwixt Rue and Jules, portion there’s a increasing transportation betwixt Jules and Elliot.

Jacob ElordiJacob Elordi arsenic Nate. (HBO)

Ethan auditions for Lexi’s play and gets a large part. When helium tells Kat, she’s not excited for him astatine all.

Rue lies to her ma astir what’s successful the suitcase. Rue goes backmost into her country and opens up the suitcase. She begins to bash fentanyl again. Meanwhile, Cassie waits for Nate connected yet different Friday night, but helium ne'er shows up. Why? He’s going to spot Maddy!