Ewan McGregor’s Daughter, Clara, 25, Smiles Brightly At Gala 1 Month After Dog Bit Her Face

3 days ago

Clara McGregor attended a meal gala successful Italy connected July 21 and looked to person healed from her facial wounds inflicted from a canine biting her look past month.

Clara McGregor was backmost to her blessed and beauteous aforesaid astatine a meal gala successful Italy connected Wednesday, July 21, implicit a period aft she suffered lacerations to her look from a frightening canine attack. The 25-year-old girl of Ewan McGregor posed for photos astatine the event, held at Resort Torre Michelangelo during The Ischia Global Festival. Clara was smiling brightly portion dressed successful a achromatic mini formal and orangish sandals. She looked arsenic beauteous arsenic ever — and appeared to beryllium afloat healed from the canine incident.

Clara McGregorClara McGregor astatine a meal gala astatine Resort Torre Michelangelo during The Ischia Global Festival connected July 21, 2021 (Gigi Iorio / SplashNews)

Clara really sustained injuries from the canine onslaught soon earlier the premiere of her movie, The Birthday Cake, connected June 13. The histrion proved she was pugnacious arsenic nails, though, and still attended the occasion adjacent with the wounds caller connected her face. “When a canine wound lands you successful the ER 30 mins earlier the reddish carpet,” Clara captioned an Instagram gallery that featured photos from the lawsuit and 1 drawback from the hospital.

Her IG assemblage beauteous overmuch told the full communicative of the canine wound aftermath. In 1 photo, Clara could beryllium seen flipping disconnected idiosyncratic off-camera arsenic she sat successful a infirmary bed, with her look inactive bearing the brunt of the gnarly bite. In the 3rd and 4th photos, she posing successful her Fendi suit adjacent to friends and household – including sister Esther McGregor, 19, and pal Tyler Dean Flores – astatine the premiere. She wholly shrugged disconnected the frightening incidental successful her post, and present were’s truthful blessed that Clara has afloat recovered.

Clara McGregorClara McGregor astatine ‘The Birthday Cake’ premiere successful L.A. successful June 2021 (Photo: AFF-USA/Shutterstock)

Clara is the eldest kid of Ewan, 50, and Eve Mavrakis, 55, who were joined for implicit 2 decades earlier splitting successful 2017 aft helium was spotted kissing his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Ewan and Eve besides stock daughters Esther, Anouk, 10, and Jamyan, 20. A twelvemonth aft the cheating ungraded broke, Clara said she was “still precise close” with her father. “I emotion him, and I ever will,” she told The Times. “The relationship’s not going to extremity due to the fact that of this. We are incredibly adjacent and contempt maine powerfully disagreeing with however he’s gone astir things, I’ll ever emotion him, and I anticipation he’s happy, you know?”

In June 2021, Ewan became a dada for the 5th clip erstwhile Mary Elizabeth, 36, gave commencement to their lad Laurie. Clara was the archetypal subordinate of the household to denote the news, sharing a photo of herself holding her caller babe brother. “Welcome to the satellite small brother. Congratulations to my dada & Mary – this is the top gift,” she wrote connected Instagram.