Expansion chief 'disappointed' in NRL process

5 days ago

The look of Brisbane Jets' bid to go the NRL's 17th squad says helium is "disappointed" by the constricted opportunities helium says were offered to enactment guardant their case.

The NRL is expected to denote successful the coming days that Redcliffe Dolphins volition participate the contention successful 2023, winning the contention to the licence by beating retired the Jets and the Firehawks.

Nicholas Livermore, though, believes the NRL and Australian Rugby League Commission should instrumentality much clip truthful helium tin propulsion his ain bid further than helium has been capable to truthful far.

"So acold we deliberation we've enactment a truly compelling lawsuit for the Brisbane Jets, and much importantly rugby league fans, to person a team," Livermore told Nine News.

"We would similar to beryllium down and person different discussion. We've lone had a one-hour gathering aft the past 10 years of moving connected this.

"So we would similar to deliberation that the Commission knows what's astatine stake.

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"We've enactment an incredible, compelling statement guardant for the maturation of rugby league successful Brisbane.

"If they've made their determination aft 1 gathering I would beryllium disappointed."

It does, however, look a fait accompli the Dolphins volition beryllium announced arsenic the winning bid.

Nine News understands the Dolphins person already been sent documents outlining conditions of the caller licence, and an NRL announcement is imminent.

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They are expected to statesman their beingness arsenic an NRL nine by convincing Wayne Bennett to motion connected and beryllium the inaugural coach.

"We're going to beryllium acceptable to go. We're not coming successful to play 2nd fiddle, we privation to marque definite we person the champion radical successful place," Dolphins bid manager Terry Reader told Nine News.

"If we are fortunate capable to beryllium awarded the licence we privation to beryllium acceptable and talk to the champion radical available."

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