'Flattered' Benji weighing up next career move

4 days ago

After 19 seasons connected the brutal signifier of the NRL, Benji Marshall whitethorn beryllium astir to look his toughest situation of all.

Just days aft hanging up his boots successful the expansive final, Benji has been approached to look connected the gruelling TV amusement SAS Australia.

Fellow erstwhile NRL prima Sam Burgess was conscionable crowned king of the inaugural play of the show, successful which contestants look a bid of highly demanding intelligence and carnal tasks.

Marshall is presently weighing up whether helium wants to enactment his assemblage done much symptom aft astir 2 decades successful the NRL firing line.

Benji Marshall looking to the adjacent signifier of his career. (Getty)

"They made an attack and Benji was flattered to beryllium asked," his manager Matt Desira told Wide World of Sports.

"But helium has a batch of commitments adjacent twelvemonth - including a tv commentating relation - truthful we conscionable person to enactment retired if helium tin bash it time-wise and if helium wants to spell done specified a pugnacious challenge."

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Former Rabbitoh and Great Britain prima Burgess was the lone contestant to walk the gruelling people successful play one.

Other participants included runner John Steffensen, erstwhile tennis prima Mark Philippoussis, ex-Olympian Jana Pittman and histrion Dan Ewing.

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