Floyd Mayweather Puts His Arm Around Ex Gallienne Nabila On Stroll Through NYC – Photo

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July 22, 2021 11:02AM EDT

It appears things are bully betwixt Floyd Mayweather and his ex-girlfriend, Gallienne Nabila due to the fact that the 2 got bully and cozy portion going connected a stroll successful Manhattan.

Either Floyd Mayweather and Gallienne Nabila amusement however ex-lovers tin inactive beryllium friends aft the romance ends, oregon the boxing icon volition person immoderate explaining to bash with his girlfriend, Anna Monroe, erstwhile helium gets backmost to Vegas. Floyd, 44, and Gallienne, 25, took a stroll done the streets of New York City connected Tuesday (Jul 20.) During the walk, Floyd draped his limb astir the Instagram model. Floyd sported a Louis Vuitton overgarment and a trio of diamond-encrusted necklaces. Gallienne wore a snakeskin top…while besides sporting a elephantine stone astir her engagement finger.

Floyd Mayweather and Gallienne Nabila successful NYC (MEGA)

Floyd and Gallienne dated successful 2019. Lately, Mayweather has been linked with Monroe, a Sin City dancer and “License aesthetician,” according to her Instagram bio. While Floyd was disconnected successful New York City, Anna was engaged hiking astatine Red Rock Canyon successful Las Vegas. “Love it here,” she captioned the July 19 IG post. Anna posed successful immoderate skin-tight hiking cogwheel portion wearing a harness that kept her small canine successful place.

Anna was reportedly surviving with Floyd successful Vegas, according to The Sun, earlier helium asked her to “move out” successful May truthful helium could absorption on his fight with Logan Paul. The work noted that Floyd lives successful a “huge mansion” with “11 bedrooms and 2 impermanent houses,” but contempt each the space, helium wanted her to permission truthful helium could not person immoderate distractions. Despite this unusual request, the mates remained together, and she was reportedly spotted ringside astatine the June 6 combat astatine Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel.

The accumulation combat went each 8 rounds, and determination was nary wide victor due to the fact that determination wasn’t going to beryllium one: determination were nary judges connected the fight, and the bout was unsanctioned. Floyd reportedly made astir $35 cardinal from the fight, per Sportico, and Floyd boasted that he’s the lone boxer who could “do a fake combat and get $100 [million]” during the Gervonta DavisMario Barrios fight astatine the extremity of the month.