Food Network Star Anne Burrell Dishes Out 2 Tips To Make Hosting Thanksgiving Seamless

4 days ago

Exclusive Interview

November 24, 2021 12:54PM EST

Thanksgiving is present & if you’re successful panic mode getting acceptable to big your household & friends, Food Network prima Anne Burrell has immoderate advice.

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, ohio my! It’s hard to judge that it is already Thanksgiving, and aft a chaotic year, it’s truthful bully to bring household and friends astir the array unneurotic for a beauteous meal. However, the prep and panic beforehand tin beryllium earnestly daunting! Luckily, longtime Food Network star, Anne Burrell, who you whitethorn cognize from Worst Cooks In America, has travel to the rescue! “I person a mates of large tips for balancing it each connected the vacation arsenic big and chef, and 1 is instrumentality radical up connected their offers,” the precocious joined cook told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY up of the holiday. “When radical say, ‘What tin I do? What tin I bring?’ Take them up connected it. Everyone likes to beryllium progressive successful creating a consciousness for the holidays.”

Anne’s different large extremity is to program ahead. “The time earlier Thanksgiving, there’s decidedly dishes you’re doing that you tin bash ahead. You tin marque stuffing ahead, you tin peel your potatoes and support them successful h2o for your mashed potatoes the time before. A batch of that worldly tin beryllium made up and past that saves connected oven space,” she explained.

Anne advised to “get the prima of the crockery done first,” which successful this case, is the turkey. “When you propulsion the turkey retired of the oven to remainder for astir an hr earlier you carve it, that is primo oven time. That’s erstwhile you privation to popular your stuffing successful the oven oregon mashed potatoes, immoderate you can. Put things successful the oven to lukewarm up and past you could beryllium making your gravy and everything else. That each funnels into everything being acceptable to service astatine the aforesaid time.” Such astonishing advice!

Anne Burrell astatine the ‘Julia’ screening successful NYC. (Shutterstock)

Anne decidedly knows what she’s talking astir erstwhile it comes to pulling disconnected the cleanable Thanksgiving feast, arsenic she conscionable joined Carson Kressley in hosting the Battle For The Bird connected Food Network. In the special, 2 competing kitchens spell head-to-head with a full-throttle Friendsgiving vs. household Thanksgiving, to spot who tin propulsion the champion party, judged by Anne and Carson. “We springiness them a fund and 5 hours and they person to make their Thanksgiving — not lone dinner, but full experience. So the decor and each of that, from scratch, and past we descend upon them and state a winner,” Anne explained. While the Thanksgiving peculiar already aired connected Foot Network, you tin inactive drawback it connected discovery+!