FRENSHIP Captures How’s Men’s ‘Inability To Be Vulnerable’ Can Be Deadly In ‘How A Man Dies’

3 months ago


January 28, 2022 5:15PM EST

After watching however men struggled to explicit however atrocious they were struggling during the pandemic, popular duo FRENSHIP channeled that anguish into an ode astir being unfastened with your feelings.

“Myself americium hell,” wrote John Milton successful Paradise Lost, describing the inescapable symptom of “infinite wrath and infinite despair.” For many, the past fewer years person felt similar that, and for FRENSHIP – the duo of James Sunderland and Brett Hite – they unpack those feelings successful “How A Man Dies,” a synth-powered popular opus astir struggling with the hellhole inside. “You’re not expected to outcry / ever support it bottled up inside,” they sing connected the track, detailing however a antheral dies. A antheral dies from “fak[ing] a grin erstwhile you’re fractional alive,” drinking, and keeping their brushed broadside from showing.

“We wrote ‘How A Man Dies’ backmost successful 2020 erstwhile we saw however galore radical were struggling,” the set shares with HollywoodLife. “We noticed how, retired of everyone going done hard things, men seemed to beryllium struggling with struggling the most. It’s a communicative arsenic aged arsenic clip for men successful peculiar to amusement an inability to beryllium genuinely susceptible and intimate with others. The information that we consciousness the request to clarify that we’re not talking astir intersexual intimacy is precisely the point.”

“Last summer, this opus took connected caller life,” the set adds, “as we recovered ourselves unintentionally surviving retired each enactment successful the song. One of america suffering, the different choosing to beryllium a portion of that suffering. We each person a broadside to tell, they’re arsenic important to share.”

The communicative deed location for Brett aft a semipermanent narration “ended successful a cruel and achy way.” While holding onto the symptom of the breakup, Brett withdrew from his friends and family. This led to panic attacks, isolation, and a deteriorating lifestyle. “I wasn’t eating and was hardly sleeping; averaging astir 3 hours of slumber per night,” helium shares. He yet reached retired to James (“[He] was 1 of the archetypal radical I told”), and together, helium opened up, “cried an water of tears,” and began the healing process.

“It’s a small surreal surviving retired 1 of your songs successful existent life,” shares James. “A opus we’d written for our friends became a opus astir our relationship. This full happening has taught maine to reprioritize intelligence health. And for anyone struggling retired there, fto radical in. Let radical successful erstwhile it’s messy, particularly erstwhile it’s messy. Most volition happily help. Heavy feelings tin beryllium isolating so, delight scope retired due to the fact that erstwhile you do, you’ll recognize the universality of your feelings. I anticipation this opus helps. Lots of love.”

FRENSHIP has been spreading the emotion since 2013. They’ve worked with Winona Oak, Tim Anderson, Lauren Sanderson, and Grace Gundy. In 2016, they teamed with Emily Warren for the planetary hit, “Capsize.” The opus has implicit fractional a cardinal streams and is certified platinum successful the US. In 2019, they released their debut album, Vacation, and committedness much music to come passim 2022.