Gallen condemns staggering undercard choice

1 week ago

Paul Gallen says helium would not enactment the determination to person Arabella del Busso combat connected the aforesaid boxing paper arsenic him.

Del Busso became known to the wider rugby league and sporting assemblage successful 2019 erstwhile she was the spouse of erstwhile NRL prima Josh Reynolds.

She accused Reynolds of assault, and video was leaked that showed the past Wests Tigers prima acting aggressively towards her (see above).

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Police aboriginal dropped each charges against Reynolds and much details of their narration were revealed. Del Busso allegedly faked respective pregnancies and miscarriages, faked illness, and fundamentally tried to con the footballer.

Reynolds spoke to 9News successful February 2020 astir the ordeal.

"For me, for her, I tin basal present and accidental to 'Arabella,' immoderate your sanction is, you said to me, you're going to bring maine and my mum down. We're inactive standing, we're inactive here," Reynolds said.

Arabella Del Busso speaking to 60 Minutes, and Josh Reynolds. (Nine)

But this week it was revealed No Limit Boxing - the promoters who organised Gallen to combat Josh Aloiai - had enactment del Busso connected the paper for the two-day lawsuit successful Newcastle successful mid-December.

Del Busso is acceptable to combat erstwhile English model, present boxer, Kate McLaren, successful what would beryllium their nonrecreational debut.

Gallen was not alert of the quality until alerted to the communicative by 2GB's WWOS Radio yesterday.

And portion helium says helium has nary powerfulness implicit who fights connected his undercard, helium would not enactment del Busso making an appearance.

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"I cognize Josh truly good and what happened determination was disgraceful," Gallen said.

"I person nary power implicit who's connected the undercard to beryllium honest. I wouldn't not combat due to the fact that of that reason, but no, I wouldn't enactment it.

"I wouldn't enactment that peculiar person, not my cupful of beverage astatine all.

Gallen gutted by Aloiai COVID news

"Josh is simply a large guy, ever been to me, and I felt terribly atrocious for what happened there.

"But I person nary power implicit who fights connected the undercard."

The two-day boxing lawsuit was postponed yesterday erstwhile news broke Aloiai had tested affirmative to COVID-19.

No Limit is hoping to reschedule the paper for December 22 but that's yet to beryllium confirmed.

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