GB relay stars to lose medals after drug test

1 week ago

Great Britain look acceptable to beryllium stripped of the metallic medal successful the men's 4x100m relay, aft CJ Ujah's B illustration tested affirmative for banned substances.

CJ Ujah, Zharnel Hughes, Richard Kilty and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake of Great Britain with their metallic medals. (Getty)

The International Testing Agency announced that the sample, fixed connected the time of the contention backmost successful August, confirmed the effect of his A sample.

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The lawsuit has present been referred to the Court of Arbitration's Anti-Doping Division, which volition see the findings of an anti-doping regularisation usurpation and the disqualification of the British relay team, the ITA said.

"The relay squad shall beryllium automatically disqualified from the lawsuit successful question, with each resulting consequences for the relay team, including the forfeiture of each titles, awards, medals, points and prize and quality money," they said successful a statement.

The determination to expel the UK squad would determination Canada up to metallic and China connected to the podium.

The contention was shockingly won by the Italian team, successful a clip of 37.50 - with solo 100m champion Lamont Jacobs grabbing his 2nd golden medal of the Games.

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