Geelong star's stunning call on prelim beatdown

1 week ago

Veteran Geelong wingman Isaac Smith has described the 2nd fractional of the preliminary last nonaccomplishment to Melbourne the "most embarrassing 45 minutes of football" he's experienced.

After a stellar ten-year vocation with Hawthorn, Smith joined Geelong alongside Shaun Higgins and Jeremy Cameron successful the anticipation of pushing past year's runner-up implicit the hump successful 2021.

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However, contempt different beardown location and distant season, Geelong's deficiencies were ruthlessly laid bare by Melbourne, who smashed the Cats by 83 points successful the prelim.

After holding a 23-point pb astatine half-time, Melbourne broke the crippled unfastened successful a blistering 3rd 4th which saw it footwear 8 unanswered goals, leaving the Cats stunned.

Smith and the Cats were blown disconnected the parkland aft the main interruption arsenic Melbourne kicked 8 unanswered goals successful the 3rd word (Getty)

Smith recalled his feelings during the Demons' second-half blitz, calling Simon Goodwin's broadside "one of the achromatic hottest teams I've ever played".

"To beryllium honest, I was beauteous embarrassed walking disconnected the oval," Smith told RSN Breakfast Club.

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"Playing that past 4th and a fractional was astir apt the astir embarrassing 45 minutes of shot that I've played successful my career.

"[It's embarrassing] erstwhile you're moving astir and you cognize that there's a batch of radical watching the crippled and there's a afloat stadium. We conscionable didn't deliver, it was disappointing."

Despite the preliminary last humiliation, Smith says helium enjoyed his archetypal play successful Geelong (Getty)

The three-time premiership victor admitted that helium was near highly frustrated successful the days pursuing the match, saying: "As the week goes on, the much frustrated I'm getting".

At 32, Smith is 1 of a fig of Geelong players who is successful the twilight of his career, but contempt the crushing extremity to his archetypal play astatine the club, helium is assured the radical tin bounce backmost successful 2022.

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"Personally I was blessed with the twelvemonth I had, I was truly blessed with however Geelong embraced myself, my woman and my daughter," helium said. "It was a large twelvemonth for america arsenic a family."

"We inactive deliberation we've got the squad to reload and spell again... We surely request to beryllium down and truly analyse what happened particularly toward the extremity of this year, and effort marque definite it doesn't hap again."

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