Gigi Hadid’s Parents: Everything To Know About Mom Yolanda & Dad Mohamed

1 week ago

Gigi Hadid has a ‘supportive’ and adjacent enslaved with her family, including parents Yolanda and Mohamed. Learn much astir the model’s parents here.

When Gigi Hadid and longtime fellow Zayn Malik called it quits successful October, the 26-year-old model’s household supported her. A root told HollywoodLife exclusively that siblings Bella, 25, and Anwar, 22, arsenic good arsenic ma Yolanda, 57, were “relieved,” offering insights into the choky knit Hadid family and noting they were “protective” of her and girl Khai, 1, whom she shares with Zayn.

“Gigi’s household has been precise supportive and stood by her passim each of this,” the root said. “They’re protective of her and of Khai and person seen them having issues for awhile now, but the household is precise backstage truthful not galore radical knew. Gigi is precise adjacent with her ma and siblings and nary substance what, they’re going to basal by her.”

While overmuch is known astir her exemplary siblings, the aforesaid astir apt can’t beryllium said for her parents: Yolanda and ex-husband Mohamed, 73. The 2 were joined betwixt 1994 and 2000. Despite their split, the household appears to inactive person a adjacent bond. Learn much astir Gigi’s ma and dada below.

Yolanda Hadid (née van den Herik)

yolanda hadid and mohamed hadidYolanda and ex-husband Mohamed Hadid (Diane Bondareff/AP/Shutterstock)

Yolanda, calved January 11, 1964 successful Papendrecht, Netherlands, is simply a erstwhile exemplary and TV personality. The apples don’t autumn excessively acold from the tree, arsenic Yolanda began a modeling vocation successful the 1980s, appearing successful the pages of Vogue and Grazia, among others. In 1994, she wed Mohamed, welcoming Gigi, Bella, and Anwar soon after. Following her modeling career, Yolanda forayed into the satellite of world TV, starring successful The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She near the amusement successful 2016 aft 3 seasons to absorption connected her health: the erstwhile exemplary was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a bacterial corruption from the wound of an infected tick, successful 2012. In an interrogation with British Vogue successful February, Yolanda credited her children for keeping her live during her harrowing wellness journey.

“I can’t statesman to picture the darkness, the symptom and the hellhole I lived done each day,” she said. “For immoderate time, it didn’t adjacent consciousness similar surviving astatine all. This illness brought maine to my knees. Many nights I wished to die, and prayed I would conscionable beryllium escaped of the pain. If it weren’t for my children, I don’t deliberation I would beryllium present today. It’s truthful important we larn to perceive to people, arsenic galore of america are suffering successful silence.” Following her divided from Mohamed, Yolanda joined composer David Foster successful 2011, but they divided six years later. These days, Yolanda is accompanying her exemplary children astatine their runway shows, tending to a vocation successful interior design, and spending clip with her household astatine their Pennsylvania farm.

Mohamed Hadid

mohamed and gigi hadidMohamed Hadid and girl Gigi (Amy Sussman/Shutterstock)

Mohamed, calved November 6, 1948 successful Nazareth, Israel, is simply a existent property developer known for gathering luxury mansions and hotels, including respective Ritz-Carlton hotels, crossed Los Angeles, New York, and Washington. As 1 of the astir palmy existent property developers successful the United States, Mohamed serves arsenic CEO of Hadid Design and Development Group. Building and existent property is successful his blood: his great-grandfather Daher Al Omer built the larboard of Haifa successful Israel. In his illustration with Milestone magazine, he credited his enactment ethic to parents.

“My household went done a lot,” Mohamed said. “We were forced retired of Palestine and fled to Syria successful 1948. From determination we journeyed to Lebanon and past to Tunisia earlier ending up successful Greece and yet crossed the Atlantic successful Washington, DC. Throughout each this clip and upheaval my parents made definite that maine and my 7 siblings were good educated and that we maintained our culture. They ensured we were blessed and didn’t transportation immoderate anger, similar galore refugees do. . . My parents gave america wings.”

With his galore successes, Mohamed cited his children arsenic his biggest achievement. “My children, there’s nary question,” helium said erstwhile asked what helium was astir arrogant of. “They marque maine incredibly arrogant each time and everything they’ve achieved is down to them. . . They are by acold my top achievement.” Along with his 3 children with Yolanda, Mohamed shares 2 daughters, Marielle, 41, and Alana, 36, with his archetypal woman Mary Butler.