‘Greek’ Alum Tiffany Dupont Reveals She’s Pregnant & Engaged: I’m ‘Super Happy’ — See Exclusive Pics

3 weeks ago

Exclusive Interview

September 24, 2021 5:54PM EDT

‘Greek’ alum Tiffany Dupont is expecting a babe miss & engaged and she’s EXCLUSIVELY sharing with HL wherefore she waited 36 weeks to stock the news!

Actress Tiffany Dupont, 40, is good known for her relation arsenic Frannie Morgan connected the deed show Greek — and present she’s connected a caller relation arsenic wife and mommy. “I recovered retired connected February 16th that I had a affirmative gestation test,” Tiffany told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY arsenic she shared photos of her glowing bump. A sparkly portion of bling could besides beryllium spotted successful the photo, which is her gorgeous engagement ringing from fiancé Cristiano Bello.

As if that wasn’t capable excitement for a week, she also landed a caller job. “And past 2 days aboriginal was told that I booked 1 of the leads successful the aviator National Parks and was connected a level 4 days later. It was crazy,” she added.

After booking a relation connected the ABC aviator alongside Kevin Costner, she headed to Canada wherever beingness got adjacent busier for the ma to be. “[I] couldn’t spell to the doctor, couldn’t cheque anything, had to bash each of that successful Canada which is not truthful elemental due to the fact that they don’t instrumentality our security and they bash things precise otherwise there,” Tiffany revealed. “And I was besides filming for 7 oregon 8 weeks and it was astir the full archetypal trimester trying to support it a concealed and trying to fig it out. That was a full chunk of it and past Cristiano, my fiancé, helium wanted to spell to Texas wherever my household has been surviving and decently inquire support and each of that saccharine stuff. They each knew and I didn’t know. We drove from Texas backmost to LA and connected the thrust location successful Sedona successful a bath tub, helium decided to propose. That was crazy!”

Tiffany Dupont shows disconnected her engagement ring. (Courtesy of Tiffany Dupont).

Although it was hard to hold and they’re already eyeing an Italian 2022 wedding, she wanted to marque it done shooting and spot what happened with her imaginable caller show. While it didn’t get the greenish light, she had her reasons for waiting to marque the announcement and keeping successful her engagement which took spot successful mid-April. “There’s been rather a fewer irons successful the occurrence with enactment stuff,” Tiffany said. “Honestly, a batch of the headspace astir cognition successful our manufacture and however it works and ‘we privation to bring you in’ and conscionable each of it, it’s benignant of tricky and we besides wanted to marque definite it was successful the close spot truthful we wanted to marque definite it was thing truly bully arsenic good truthful we’re happy, ace happy.”

Tiffany Dupont shows disconnected her babe bump successful a greenish bikini. (Courtesy of Tiffany Dupont).

With each things pinkish successful mind, she can’t hold for her small girl to arrive! “We recovered retired the time I landed that it was a small lady,” Tiffany added. “and it’s truly breathtaking and we bash person a name. It’s truly peculiar and truly unique.”

Actress Tiffany Dupont beams with joyousness arsenic she’s large and expecting a babe girl. (Courtesy of Tiffany Dupont).

And portion things didn’t cookware retired connected her amusement with Kevin, you tin drawback her on American Horror Story and Ryan Murphy and squad handled her gestation quality with specified delicacy and care. “When I got the audition, I’ve been feeling astonishing the full pregnancy,” Tiffany said. “I person each the aforesaid energy. I’ve felt precise overmuch similar myself. I cognize that’s not mean and I’m precise grateful. I audition and you person to bash a afloat assemblage slate. I had a long, fastener up garment that happened to person vertical stripes that was astir apt intentional and technically I didn’t truly look precise large but I did a afloat assemblage slate,” she said.” I get the occupation and I get the offer!”

Next up, she had immoderate explaining to bash to the wardrobe section who needed her sizes. “When wardrobe called to get my sizes — they find retired everything retired first. It’s truly funny. They truly are connected the DL with each of the things with people. They called and I was like, ‘So, present are my caller sizes? I’m bigger due to the fact that I’m pregnant.’,” she explained of the scenario.

“I person to archer you, they were phenomenal. They each were truthful supportive. They were amazing. They really were having amusive however to marque it look close and that’s Ryan. We had a blast figuring it out. It was truthful fun, and that was besides the situation connected set. They astir wrote it in. Something truly atrocious astir happens to my quality and it would’ve been adjacent for Ryan Murphy, excessively overmuch for her to beryllium pregnant. It would’ve been gross and bad. Everyone connected acceptable was great, lovely. I was fine. We were moving astir acceptable astatine 4 successful the greeting being chased,” she besides said.