‘Grown-ish’s Trevor Jackson Breaks Down That Shocking Breakup: ‘It Was Hard For Him’

3 months ago

Exclusive Interview

January 27, 2022 10:37PM EST

The Aaron/Zoey/Luca emotion triangle took a crook successful the ‘grown-ish’ premiere. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Trevor Jackson and much astir the large breakup, what’s next, and more. SPOILERS!

Aaron broke up with Zoey successful the January 27 premiere of grown-ish aft tensions boiled implicit regarding Zoey becoming Luca’s intern. Aaron settled things with Luca himself, but helium decided to extremity things with Zoey truthful she would beryllium escaped to bash what she wanted. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Trevor Jackson astir Aaron’s mindset regarding the split.

Trevor JacksonTrevor Jackson arsenic Aaron. (Freeform)

“Let’s conscionable anticipation that they tin stay friends. I cognize that’s ever hard erstwhile you interruption up with someone, staying connected to them,” Trevor told HollywoodLife. “That’s thing I anticipation for, but who knows wherever it goes. Obviously, I’m definite it was hard for him to interruption up with her, but helium thought it was best. I deliberation whenever you’re moving retired of that abstraction it’ll ever travel backmost successful a bully spot for you.”

Aaron sat down with Zoey and told her that helium didn’t privation to travel betwixt her and her career. He admitted that helium wouldn’t beryllium capable to grip Zoey and Luca moving unneurotic if they were inactive successful a relationship.

Jordan BuhatJordan Buhat arsenic Vivek. (Freeform)

As for whether Aaron is going to yet beryllium good with Zoey and Luca moving together, Trevor said, “He conscionable amended tread lightly, that’s all. Just don’t get crazy. Keep it smooth, support it easy.”

Despite Ana demanding that Vivek support their astonishment hookup a secret, helium ended up spilling the beans to Zoey, Jazz, and Nomi. Jordan Buhat defended Vivek’s slip-up. “He was enactment nether pressure,” Jordan admitted. “If anything, radical are blistery connected Vivek’s for a blistery 2nd but past they forget. He’s a precise likable goof, truthful I’m definite she could forgive him.”

When asked if this could beryllium the commencement of something more betwixt Vivek and Ana, Jordan said, “Gosh, wouldn’t that beryllium benignant of cool? That could beryllium beauteous chill due to the fact that up until that constituent there’s not truly been, which I loved due to the fact that Vivek has ever been a large feline friend, which is simply a existent thing… I truly don’t cognize wherever that benignant of narration could spell due to the fact that they conscionable don’t lucifer connected paper, you cognize what I mean?”

Diggy SimmonsDiggy Simmons arsenic Doug. (Freeform)

Doug has been engaged hooking up with Kiki — down Luca’s backmost — but is Jazz inactive a factor? “She’ll ever beryllium a factor,” Diggy Simmons told HollywoodLife. “I consciousness similar she whitethorn person adjacent been Doug’s archetypal love. They spent truthful overmuch of their assemblage acquisition together. That was truthful important. She’ll ever beryllium adjacent to his heart, but I consciousness similar helium has different things to tackle close present similar school, trying to navigate the concern with Kiki and Luca not knowing, truthful I deliberation that helium has a batch that helium has to navigate done close now.” Grown-ish airs Thursdays connected Freeform.