Gwen Stefani Marks Son Kingston’s 16th Birthday With Sweet Throwback Photo

4 weeks ago

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Gwen Stefani is showering her eldest son, Kingston, with emotion for his 16th birthday! The 52-year-old popular vocalist took to Instagram to privation Kingston a fantastic day with an adorable throwback selfie of them. “I can’t judge that I’m really penning this but…. a precise blessed 16th day to my firstborn babe lad @kingsrossdale_,” she began her post. “I prayed and I waited my full beingness to beryllium a mommy- i’m truthful blessed that God chose maine to beryllium yours … you r truthful loved and we can’t hold to spot what happens next!! got a feeling it’s gonna beryllium good!! emotion u ma (gx)”

Gwen’s ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, 56, besides shared a day tribute to his son, but with a much caller photograph of the brunette-haired teen. “Happy day saccharine 16 kingston you changed my beingness everlastingly and one volition ne'er beryllium the aforesaid again,” helium gushed. “You are a unit of airy . you person bloomed similar an past spirit. one americium thrilled for what is to come. one ticker with large pridefulness and excitement.”

Gwen and Gavin besides stock sons Zuma, 13, and Apollo, 8. They were married betwixt 2002 and 2016. Gavin has been dating 29-year-old histrion Courtlyn Cannan since the opening of the year. On the different hand, Gwen moved connected to state crooner Blake Shelton, 45, soon aft her divorcement and married him successful July 2021.

Gwen and Gavin don’t stock photos of their children often, truthful the day tributes were a uncommon dainty for fans. The past clip Gwen shared snapshots of her sons online was for a Father’s Day station successful June 2021. “Happy father’s time to the astir generous diligent loving comic feline one cognize – we emotion u truthful much,” she wrote nether a carousel of photos that showed her boys with Blake, positive a fewer selfies that included her arsenic well.

Blake has nary biologic children, but helium has taken to being a stepdad with pride. “The illustration that my dada acceptable for maine was that [child] was not adjacent a information [in a romanticist partnership]. You got 3 boys? Awesome!” he told People in February astir joining Gwen’s family. “My dada raised me. I could bash this. I didn’t cognize what I was signing up for, but I was each astir signing up for it. And each time I’ve fallen successful emotion with the boys arsenic overmuch arsenic I bash with Gwen.”

In Feb. 2021, helium besides said helium has a stepfather who helium looks up to arsenic a exemplary to follow. “I don’t cognize if [being a stepdad is] arsenic hard, oregon harder than being a biologic parent. I person a stepfather successful my beingness who is 1 of my heroes,” helium revealed to the hosts of The Ride with Kimo & Heather. “I emotion my stepfather and he’s similar a begetter to me, truthful I person a bully inspiration successful my beingness connected however to bash this and the benignant of stepdad I privation to be.”

Blake didn’t privation Kingston a blessed day online, but it’s a fixed helium celebrates his stepson and his relation arsenic a stepfather each day. One happening is for sure: Kingston has 3 arrogant parents.