Hailee Steinfeld Gets Cheeky As She Poses In Thong Bikini For Sexy New Selfie — Photo

4 days ago

Insert peach emoji here: histrion Hailee Steinfeld rocked a thong bikini and showed disconnected her sexy silhouette successful a caller summertime selfie.

A bid motion successful paradise: Hailee Steinfeld shared a cheeky caller summertime selfie connected Instagram connected Tuesday, July 20. The Dickinson actress, 24, rocked a babe bluish bikini apical and thong bikini successful the photograph captured via the reflection of a door, revealing conscionable her silhouette. In the pic, Hailee flashed a bid motion against the scenic backdrop of the ocean.

been connected dnd…,” she captioned the IG station with assorted emojis, including a bikini and bid sign. 

The prima appears to basking successful that remainder and relaxation aft a engaged past fewer years. The histrion presently headlines the Apple TV bid Dickinson, a drama that follows budding writer Emily Dickinson arsenic she navigates the constraints of sex and nine during the 19th century. The 2nd play wrapped backmost successful February, and it has since been renewed for a third. A merchandise day has not been announced yet.

On apical of starring arsenic the titular character, Hailee besides serves arsenic enforcement producer. She reflected connected what she learned down the camera successful an interrogation with Collider successful January.  “I’ve ever had an appreciation for however galore radical it takes to propulsion disconnected thing great,” she said. “Especially successful regards to movie and television, determination are a batch of radical progressive that aren’t adjacent connected the set, and connected the set, determination are a batch of people.”

“As a producer, I’ve realized that the magnitude of enactment that each azygous idiosyncratic has to enactment into thing successful bid for it to enactment is rather a lot, and I’m conscionable truthful grateful for that,” Hailee added. The prima besides has different formidable TV relation connected the horizon: Kate Bishop successful Disney+’s upcoming miniseries Hawkeye other Jeremy Renner. Hailee gushed astir her excitement to articulation the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Collider.

“I’m conscionable truthful honored to beryllium a portion of the MCU, and much truthful excited to beryllium capable to speech astir it,” she said. “It’s been rather awhile that I’ve been having to support that a secret, and I’m not bully astatine that. It’s been a fantastic experience, processing this quality and taking elements of her from the comics and what we cognize with her history. It’s conscionable precise breathtaking to beryllium playing a character, overmuch similar Emily, that is truthful loved by truthful galore people.”