Hailey Bieber’s MUA Denika Bedrossian Shares Step-By-Step Tutorial To Achieve The Star’s Summer Glow

4 days ago

Hailey Bieber’s quality is enviable & her constitution creator Denika Bedrossian gave HL readers an EXCLUSIVE step-by-step get her nonstop summertime glow utilizing bareMinerals!

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Hailey Bieber‘s tegument is flawless, and overmuch of that is owed to her prime successful constitution brands. The bareMinerals ambassador has chosen the cleanable quality overgarment her tegument with ingredients that are not harmful to humans and health. “All the products bash treble work with built successful unthinkable ingredients that enactment from the wrong out,” Hailey’s beloved constitution artist Denika Bedrossian told HollywoodLife successful an EXCLUSIVE interview. “Why not usage products that volition not lone improve, but besides fortify your skin?”

Denika, who often works with Hailey and did her ultra-glowy 2019 Met Gala look, gave HollywoodLife followers a speedy and casual step-by-step tutorial to achieving that airbrushed summertime glow that her lawsuit loves to rock, utilizing bareMinerals. “I deliberation we are each looking for a fresh, hydrated, cleanable and subtle look for summer. Adding tiny hints of colour is simply a cleanable blend of modern and classic, and couldn’t beryllium easier oregon much beautiful,” she said of the last look, which was inspired by 1 of Hailey’s “Get Ready With Me” episodes.

Denika gave Hailey Bieber the eventual glow for the 2019 Met Gala. (Shutterstock)

“When I person the pleasance of moving with Hailey, the extremity is to marque her earthy quality radiance through with subtle enhancements,” Denika explained. “She takes specified bully attraction of her skin, truthful I similar to support that arsenic the absorption and conscionable adhd wherever needed.”

Face, First

“We started with instauration already prepped. I emotion utilizing the COMPLEXION RESCUE Tinted Moisturizer from bareMinerals — it’s subtle, and offers skincare, complexion and prima extortion each successful one,” Denika detailed. “Next I applied the ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Concealer successful areas for much sum oregon connected the oculus lids arsenic a base. Then we dusted connected the caller ORIGINAL MINERAL VEIL Pressed Setting Powder conscionable successful the t-zone and areas that whitethorn request a small other softness, utilizing the Supreme Finisher brush.”

Onto The Eyes

“For the eyes, we went successful with the caller MINERALIST Eyeshadow Palette successful Ultranatural and Rosewood. We utilized the shadiness Ecru from the Ultranatural Palette to adhd a brushed brightness nether the brow bony and Sandstone connected the eyelids for a brushed lavation of color. Then we followed with Primrose from the Rosewood Palette to lukewarm the crease and make dimension.”

Creating A Wing

“To make a wing, we went successful with the caller MINERALIST Lasting Eyeliner successful Garnet. We utilized portion to amusement an casual mode to make a wing, but usage immoderate method is easier for you. After layering Garnet, we added a spot of shadiness Wildflower shadiness connected apical to make a deeper tone.”

Hailey Bieber astatine the Kids Choice Awards wearing each bareMinerals. (Courtesy of bareMinerals)

Away We Glow

“For complexion, we went successful with the Endless Summer Pressed Bronzer successful Faux Tan for warmth, added a spot of the Endless Glow Pressed Highlight successful the shadiness Free for much warmth, positive the shadiness Whimsey for a popular of pinkish shimmer. This shined done with the GEN NUDE Blush successful On the Mauve applied connected the apples of the cheeks.”

Seal It

“Lastly, we added a last dusting of the ORIGINAL MINERAL VEIL Pressed Setting Powder to adhd a ‘filtered’ decorativeness to the tegument earlier a generous overgarment of the astonishing STRENGTH & LENGTH Mascara for extent astir the eyes. This bareMinerals mascara is infused with a serum that delivers up to 65% fuller-looking lashes and up to 39% longer-looking lashes successful 8 weeks.”