Halle Berry Reveals She Had A ‘Commitment Ceremony’ With Boyfriend Van Hunt: He’s The ‘One’

3 months ago


January 28, 2022 7:09PM EST

The Oscar victor dishes connected however her 8-year-old lad Maceo performed the ceremonial arsenic she and Van ‘teared up.’

Halle Berry whitethorn person fooled the nationalist with her prank wedding to fellow Van Hunt — but that didn’t mean she wasn’t acceptable to commit! The Oscar winner, 55, revealed she and her instrumentalist beau, 51, had a “commitment ceremony,” according to a caller interrogation with AARP published connected Thursday (January 27). And Halle said her 8-year-old lad Maceo, whom she shares with ex Olivier Martinez, was the 1 who brought up the idea!

Halle BerryHalle Berry and Van Hunt be 27th Annual ELLE Women successful Hollywood Celebration successful 2021. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

“My son, Maceo, of his ain volition did this small committedness ceremonial for america successful the backmost spot of the car,” Halle detailed. “I deliberation helium yet sees maine happy, and it’s infectious. It was his mode of saying, ‘This is good. I similar this. This makes maine happy.'” Although the ceremonial was impromptu and took spot successful a vehicle, Halle said it was “a precise existent moment” for each those involved. “I teared up, Van was warring backmost tears. Even Maceo knew he’d said thing poignant. It meant a batch to us.”

Halle went connected to accidental she believes she recovered “the one” successful Van due to the fact that of however the mates got to cognize each different connected a deeper level during the pandemic isolation. “Because of COVID, we spent 4 months talking connected the phone,” she explained. “We were forced to lone fto our brains link and observe if we had a transportation earlier our bodies decided to get involved. I’d ne'er done it this way.” The unsocial courting acquisition made the Bruised manager recognize she “liked who helium was,” which was thing she said she hadn’t felt before. “I truly judge I’ve recovered my person. I fell successful emotion with him earlier I adjacent met him.”

“Now, successful my 50s, I’ve got my babies, my career, and yet person emotion successful a real, meaningful way,” Halle concluded. “For the archetypal clip successful my life, everything is firing connected each cylinders.”

As for the New Year’s Day fake wedding post from Halle, which featured the mates kissing successful an altar-like mounting with the caption “well…IT’S OFFICIAL,” Halle precocious admitted it was each a gag and that the mates had a few excessively galore drinks erstwhile they decided to effort and fool Van’s ma and their friends. Needless to say… the gag decidedly got retired of hand, arsenic their friends —and fans — thought it was the existent deal!