Halle Berry’s Boyfriend Van Hunt Reveals When They Might Really Get Married – Watch

1 week ago


January 13, 2022 11:02PM EST

Van gets candid astir what volition person him walking down the aisle with Halle, arsenic helium clears up immoderate misunderstanding astir their “prank” wedding.

Van Hunt, is mounting the grounds consecutive connected erstwhile helium and Halle Berry mightiness really accidental “I do” aft their “prank” wedding announcement went viral.  The 51-year-old instrumentalist got candid astir his narration with the Oscar winner, 55, portion discussing the opus “Automatic Woman” during his quality connected The Domenick Nati Show connected January 13 (below). The opus was produced by some Van and Halle for her deed movie Bruised, and, arsenic Van revealed, carries rather the value for the couple. “Maybe aft ‘Automatic Woman’ is nominated
for an Oscar and wins,” Van said of erstwhile their wedding could perchance happen.

With the mates collaborating connected creating the opus — which was recorded by H.E.R. — Van was asked if could ever person Halle to sing connected a track. “I deliberation she has a good voice, but I deliberation she would accidental she’s not a singer,” Van said, earlier admitting helium wanted her pipes for “Automatic Woman.” “I tried to get her connected the inheritance vocals for ‘Automatic Woman,’ but it didn’t happen. As it turned out, we didn’t truly request it, due to the fact that H.E.R. smashed it.”

As for the New Year’s Day post from Halle which featured the mates kissing successful an altar-like mounting with the caption “well…IT’S OFFICIAL,” Van said it was simply a light-hearted “tease.” “I wanted to wide that up, we ne'er tried a prank,” helium explained. “We were conscionable teasing. It was our precise ain January Fool’s Day.” He went connected to accidental helium ne'er thought anyone would judge it, nor were they ever trying to deceive anyone. Around the clip Dwayne Johson congratulated the mates connected the Instagram post, Van said helium knew radical were taking it seriously.

Halle BerryHalle Berry and Van Hunt be ‘Bruise’ screening successful November 2021. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

When Van was asked erstwhile the romance started betwixt the brace and how they met, Van decidedly played coy — but successful the sweetest mode possible!  “I’m conscionable gladsome we met. I’m gladsome we had the opportunity,” helium gushed. “Something I ne'er adjacent dreamt imaginable was to statesman a
relationship astatine 50. It’s going really, truly well.”