‘Harry Potter’ Quiz Show Producers Reveal Helen Mirren ‘Was In’ As Host After Just One Call

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Exclusive Interview

November 24, 2021 12:34PM EST

‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses’ celebrates each things ‘Harry Potter.’ HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the producers astir getting Helen Mirren to big and wherefore this amusement isn’t conscionable for superfans.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses is simply a four-part contention bid that volition premiere November 28 connected TBS and arsenic portion of Cartoon Network’s ACME Night. Dame Helen Mirren is the big of this magical quiz amusement that’s celebrating the 20th day of the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the show’s producers Robin Ashbrook and Yasmin Shackleton astir nabbing Helen arsenic the host.

Helen MirrenHelen Mirren is the big of the show. (TBS)

“Obviously, astatine first, we wondered whether it should beryllium idiosyncratic from the movies,” Robin said. “We’re celebrating 20 years of The Sorcerer’s Stone, truthful the information for the amusement was the movie alternatively than the books. We discussed whether determination was endowment from that movie, but we rapidly benignant of came to the presumption that to observe thing truthful large and its spot successful planetary fashionable culture, it would beryllium amended to find idiosyncratic who hadn’t been successful the movies, that arsenic soon arsenic you saw them conscionable made sense. Now, the Harry Potter movies are littered with British acting royalty, and astir apt the lone 1 name, the top benignant of British histrion that isn’t successful those movies, is Dame Helen Mirren. She made consciousness for america to observe its benignant of planetary Britishness and the size and standard of the event. We were fortunate capable to find retired that Helen Mirren was a instrumentality of the Harry Potter franchise. Before we reached retired to anybody astatine all, she was benignant of fig 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 connected the list. It doesn’t hap often, Avery, arsenic I’m definite you tin imagine. You usually extremity up going mode down the list. But aft 1 speech with Dame Helen, she was in. Once she understood however wide the format was, that it wasn’t conscionable for superfans, that it was for everybody, and it’s precise overmuch a household celebration, she beauteous rapidly said yes.”

There’s nary denying that determination are millions of Harry Potter superfans retired there. This tourney isn’t conscionable for the Harry Potter whizzes retired there. This peculiar lawsuit bid tin beryllium for Harry Potter fans of each ranges.

“The full code of the amusement is that we privation everyone to bask it,” Yasmin told HollywoodLife. “So whether you are a superfan and you’ve work each the books and watched each the movies 10 times over, you tin bask this arsenic overmuch arsenic idiosyncratic who’s benignant of caller to the world. We wanted to promote that play-along astatine home. Even if you’re not truly 100 percent connected the answer, you tin play along. A batch of the questions are multiple-choice questions for that precise reason. In presumption of the question difficulty, I deliberation we started disconnected reasoning that we had benignant of a standard of beauteous hard questions. As soon arsenic we started to speech to and conscionable Harry Potter fans for the amusement erstwhile we were successful casting and we started giving them quizzes to trial their level of knowledge, we were beauteous blown distant by the emotion these fans person for the films and for the books and however entrenched they are successful the story. We rapidly benignant of realized that we had to marque the question much hard for them. We did a batch of run-throughs with Harry Potter fans to get that level conscionable right. We rewrote and rewrote questions implicit and implicit again to marque it challenging for them. That was the toughest portion of each of this, conscionable getting the level of question rights and marque it challenging, but not to benignant of disenfranchise radical who weren’t superfans.”

The amusement is besides for fans of each ages. “Kids emotion it arsenic overmuch arsenic grandmas and grandpas emotion it. We truly wanted to correspond each fans. So if you’re watching the show, you tin spot yourself connected the show, per se. For example, our youngest contestant connected the amusement is 15. Our oldest contestant is 76,” Yasmin revealed. “They some person that ardent emotion for Harry Potter. I deliberation we besides wanted to showcase radical from antithetic backgrounds — radical from crossed America, we person radical who grew up successful antithetic countries. We truly wanted to amusement the wide fanbase that it has and that it touches whether nary substance what your occupation is, nary substance whether you’re from a large metropolis oregon from a very, precise tiny town.”

Harry PotterHogwarts Tournament of Houses volition diagnostic immoderate acquainted faces from the Wizarding World. Robin admitted that they had truthful galore formed members and personage fans who wanted to beryllium involved.

Harry PotterHarry, Ron, and Hermione successful ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.’ (Everett Collection)

“In the aforesaid vein arsenic Dame Helen, what you recognize is that determination is truthful overmuch emotion for this franchise,” Robin noted. “As soon arsenic you prime up the telephone and inquire radical to retrieve what it was similar filming it similar successful the lawsuit of Shirley [Henderson] and Tom Felton and truthful on. They’re a portion of 1 of the biggest movie franchises, the biggest benignant of stories ever, surely successful the past 20 years. They are much than blessed to observe it. In the aforesaid way, we person appearances from personage superfans similar Pete Davidson and Jay Leno. It’s not conscionable those that were successful it. It seems that it touches truthful galore radical successful truthful galore antithetic ways that it isn’t hard to get radical to travel connected committee and stock their emotion for the Wizarding World. In fact, it’s precise uncommon erstwhile you’re trying to enactment these shows unneurotic that you extremity up with much radical than you need. Honestly, we could bash this for the adjacent 10 years due to the fact that determination are truthful galore radical that privation to beryllium a portion of it. I don’t deliberation we’re ever going to tally out.”

The Wizarding World contention lawsuit volition dwell of 4 parts, opening connected November 28 done December 19. In the end, 1 House volition beryllium crowned the caller House Cup Champion.