Heartbroken mates share Symonds' best trait

1 month ago

Andrew Symonds has been remembered arsenic a person who was "loyal beyond belief" by his loved ones successful a moving memorial work successful Townsville, Queensland.

Following Symonds' tragic decease successful a car clang earlier this month, sporting legends from astir the state congregated successful northbound Queensland to farewell the cricket legend.

Former planetary teammates Adam Gilchrist, Darren Lehmann and Ricky Ponting shared their stories of the antheral affectionately known arsenic 'Roy', with the prevailing taxable being Symonds' unthinkable traits of loyalty and honesty.

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"His friendship, his mateship, helium was loyal astir to a fault," Gilchrist said.

Adam Gilchrist (L) was 1 of respective of Symonds' ex-teammates to wage a heartfelt tribute to the fable (Getty)

"He was mischievous character, but his consciousness of loyalty, of wanting to deliberation of everyone other much than himself, bash immoderate helium could lend connected and disconnected the tract to assistance others.

"Something that's truly jumped retired successful the past week and a half, we [former teammates] person each spoken truthful overmuch astir Roy, shared truthful galore stories, and there's been hardly a notation of his cricketing exploits.

"He was 1 of the game's large cricketers, all-round talents. Ricky Ponting says helium would prime him successful immoderate squad successful immoderate format of each time.

"So that's a testament to the prime of cricketer helium was, but we're talking astir Roy arsenic a bloke, and helium was conscionable a axenic bosom who recovered his mode into occupation arsenic good arsenic anyone, past helium was remorseful. He dusted himself off, and was truthful apologetic, and past helium conscionable had different spell astatine trying to get it right.

"He was loyal beyond belief, conscionable bully fun."

Andrew Symonds celebrates his maiden Test period with teammate Matthew Hayden (Getty)

One of Symonds' closest teammates, Matthew Hayden, wrote an affectional opus for his dearly departed mate successful a heart-wrenching tribute from India wherever helium is presently covering the IPL.

Lehmann and Ponting besides waxed lyrical astir Symonds' unthinkable earthy endowment connected the field, with Lehmann having had the unsocial accidental of some playing with and coaching the all-rounder.

"He was pugnacious to manager ... but helium was the archetypal picked successful immoderate side," Lehmann said.

"As a coach, I deliberation helium was the champion subordinate I ever coached. He was the champion 1 due to the fact that helium conscionable enactment the squad archetypal with everything helium did.

"To manager him was conscionable a pleasure, an implicit pleasance the mode helium went astir it. He could play each formats, and that was the happening for me. He was conscionable a fantastic cricketer. He was 1 of the container and a champion."

Andrew Symonds with Ricky Ponting and Brett Lee during the 2003 World Cup successful South Africa. (Getty)

"The cricket broadside is 1 happening I deliberation we request to speech astir a batch with him," Ponting added.

"Yes, (he was a) large bloke, large teammate ... if I'm picking a squad time successful a Test match, one-dayer oregon a T20, he's successful my squad each time of the week.

"You conscionable knew that if you gave him immoderate beauteous elemental direction, he'd get that done for you. He wanted the champion for the team. He would bash thing if it meant redeeming 1 tally oregon giving his mates a amended accidental of winning the game."

Cricket Australia manager Greg Rowell, who was a teammate of Symonds' for Queensland, besides touched connected his life, calling him "an illustration of each that is champion astir our game".

"He was 1 of us. He made america arrogant to beryllium Australians," helium said.

"His struggles resonated with us, his triumphs inspired us. Always entertaining, charismatic. At erstwhile incomplete and flawed, portion astatine the aforesaid clip unsocial and flawless."

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Andrew Symonds' beingness successful pictures arsenic Australian cricket mourns abrupt death