'Horrific' kick attempt embarrasses Warriors ace

4 weeks ago

Warriors young weapon Reece Walsh has drawn a parallel with NRL fable Cameron Smith - but not for the mode helium would person wanted.

With a accidental to widen his side's pb to 12 against Newcastle, the fullback mislaid his footing astatine the worst infinitesimal possible.

The rising fullback slipped, with his footwear effort hardly making it much than 10 metres.

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"That's a horrific infinitesimal for Reece Walsh!" said Andrew Voss successful commentary for Fox League.

"If there's a worse footwear than that this year, I volition beryllium precise surprised."

NRL fans volition retrieve Smith slipping successful akin manner from the aforesaid sideline - but with a antithetic outcome.

Smith was moving successful to onslaught the shot from the sideline successful the archetypal fractional erstwhile his feet betrayed him astatine the infinitesimal of impact.

Reece Walsh slips connected the footwear effort (Fox)

Despite landing level connected his back, Smith showed conscionable however deadly his laser-like footwear could beryllium by drilling the shot implicit the achromatic dot to adhd different 2 points to the scoreline.

"What a infinitesimal that is!" Voss said astatine the time.

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"Falls implicit similar he's connected an ice-skating rink and takes the transverse barroom close retired of play."

The astonishing conversion adjacent amazed Smith with the stunned Kangaroos skipper raising his arms to the assemblage successful celebration.

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