How close Symonds really came to English career

1 month ago

Andrew Symonds' erstwhile teammate Matthew Mott has revealed however adjacent the cricket fable came to representing England, saying his determination to play for Australia came "down to his motivation compass".

Born successful Birmingham successful 1975, Symonds was adopted by 2 English teachers, Barbara and Ken, earlier the household migrated to Australia erstwhile helium was a toddler.

As Symonds roseate done the ranks successful Australia passim the aboriginal 1990s, the immensely talented Queenslander was connected the radar of England, who desperately attempted to person him to instrumentality home.

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The lone problem? Symonds considered Australia to beryllium his location by the clip his cricket vocation was getting underway.

Symonds pictured batting for Gloucestershire aboriginal connected successful his career, wherever helium starred successful his debut play (Getty)

Symonds made his region cricket debut with Gloucestershire successful 1995 and was named Cricket Writers' Club Young Cricketer of the Year aft a stunning archetypal season, an grant won by English cricket icons specified arsenic Ian Botham, Nasser Hussain, Andrew Flintoff, Alastair Cook, Joe Root and Stuart Broad.

The all-rounder's exceptional debut play resulted successful him being selected successful an England A squad to circuit Pakistan, but Symonds rejected the offer, alternatively persisting with his imagination of representing Australia.

According to Mott, Symonds could precise good person been mislaid to Australia if helium wasn't arsenic committed to his dream.

"He was calved successful Birmingham, truthful determination was decidedly a necktie there. Barbara and Ken are precise arrogant English people," Mott said.

Symonds could truthful astir person been representing England successful an Ashes bid against Australia (Getty)

"For me, it got down to his motivation compass, and helium wanted to play for Australia, helium was hopeless to play for Australia. He loved Australia, helium loved the bush, helium loved everything astir Australia.

"For him, it was ne'er a monetary thing. There was a batch of wealth thrown astatine him, but for him it was much astir that travel of trying to fulfill his puerility dreams, and thing was going to get successful the mode of that.

"A batch of radical would've gone the different mode astatine that signifier due to the fact that it was precise enticing. He fundamentally had it determination connected a platter. He was really good down the pecking bid successful Australia astatine that stage, helium was struggling successful first-class cricket much oregon less, truthful it was a large telephone to make, but that summed him up arsenic a person."

The rest, arsenic they say, is history. Symonds coiled up having a tremendous vocation successful each 3 formats of the crippled for Australia, amassing 6887 planetary runs successful 238 planetary appearances.

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