How 'embarrassed' Seibold won plum rugby job

1 month ago

When Anthony Seibold was sacked by the Broncos successful 2020 his NRL coaching aboriginal looked cloudy, fto unsocial the imaginable of tackling planetary rugby.

But England's Australian manager Eddie Jones has ne'er been acrophobic of reasoning extracurricular the container and truthful Seibold present finds himself tasked with shutting down the Wallabies onslaught in July's three-Test series.

"Eddie is simply a large South Sydney instrumentality and helium was fascinated by however we were capable to crook things astir and person immoderate occurrence there," England defence manager Seibold told Stan Sport's Rugby Heaven.

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England defence manager Anthony Seibold talks to his players. (Getty)

"I was beauteous embarrassed astir however it each went astatine the Broncos and you evidently privation to person success. He was successful interaction a mates of weeks aboriginal and said 'look, bash you privation to bash immoderate projects for us?' That's however it each started.

"It's been a large situation but a truly bully experience."

Seibold signed a two-year woody successful 2021 that takes him done to the 2023 Rugby World Cup successful France.

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Anthony Seibold. (Getty)

Former Wallabies Justin Harrison and Morgan Turinui were speedy to pass Seibold that his workload and accent levels were astir to spell done the extortion nether the notoriously demanding Jones.

"It is aggravated but a superb program," Seibold said of an England set-up that reached the last of the 2019 World Cup.

"It's precise antithetic to a rugby league situation which tin beryllium precise insular. I've learnt much from my failures than my successes. There'd beryllium immoderate things I'd bash differently, immoderate things I'd bash the same.

Eddie Jones astatine Twickenham. (Getty)

"At the clip it wasn't overmuch amusive (at the Broncos) but I dusted myself disconnected and this acquisition with England has been fascinating and rewarding. I'm a truly funny idiosyncratic and I didn't travel to rugby with immoderate existent rugby expertise."

Seibold said Wallabies centre Samu Kerevi was an evident absorption for his bid mentation fixed his quality to dent the defence.

"Kerevi successful the Rugby Championship was outstanding successful the mode helium created momentum," Seibold said, portion besides touching connected his enactment with England whiz-kid Marcus Smith.

Marcus Smith of England celebrates scoring astatine Twickenham. (The RFU Collection via Getty Ima)

"Marcus has a existent maturation mindset, ever connected WhatsApp sending maine clips connected his defence due to the fact that helium has immoderate country for maturation successful that portion of his game. I emotion that astir Marcus."

Seibold said it would beryllium "surreal" and "bizarre" touring Australia with England.

The squad was trying to onslaught a equilibrium betwixt its contented set-piece and antiaircraft strengths portion adding much attacking strings to their bow.

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He said immoderate of satellite rugby's biggest names had been welcoming contempt his caller struggles successful the NRL.

"That archetypal campaign… I was rather susceptible with regards to the Broncos acquisition but they knew capable astir maine by the extremity of it that they knew I was determination for the close reasons," Seibold said.

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