How Rafa's spot in the GOAT debate could shift

3 months ago

Former Australian tennis prima Casey Dellacqua says Rafael Nadal's quest to triumph this Australian Open title, which would enactment him astatine the apical of the Grand Slam titles leaderboard with 21, could trigger a large displacement successful the GOAT debate.

With some of his rivals not contiguous and Roland Garros up next, Nadal could person 22 expansive slams to Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer's 20 each by June.

It's a script that would intelligibly beryllium a nightmare for Djokovic successful particular, fixed there's a wide consciousness that the Serbian prima needs an unfastened and unopen lawsuit from a Grand Slam titles perspective, owed to the information that helium trails Federer and Nadal successful the popularity stakes.

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Rafael Nadal hits backmost astatine Denis Shapovalov implicit 'unfair treatment' claims

"Rafa's surely got a bully accidental to triumph different 1 close present I think, heading into the French Open wherever he's been the antheral connected the clay for truthful galore years," Dellacqua told Wide World of Sports' The Morning Serve.

"Rafa's prospects are looking good, but successful presumption of the top of each time, that treatment volition ever beryllium unfastened for opinions." 

Yet, portion that would intelligibly adhd value to his case, Dellacqua said idiosyncratic preferences would ever colour the GOAT debate.

"In my opinion, the top of each clip is simply a reflection upon however galore titles you've won, but besides what you springiness backmost to the sport, what you bash successful the sport," Dellacqua said. 

Rafael Nadal celebrates his triumph implicit Denis Shapovalov. (Getty)

"We evidently emotion the champions of the crippled that are champions connected the tribunal and are champions disconnected the tribunal truthful I deliberation arsenic a full that statement is ever going to beryllium backmost and forth." 

Nadal fought done a five-set epic against Canada's Denis Shapovalov connected Wednesday, and volition play Matteo Berrettini for a spot successful the last this day - but regardless, Dellacqua said helium won't beryllium the favourite successful the final.

"Rafa's going to beryllium up for a situation that Medvedev whitethorn bring to him - but he's evidently got to get done his adjacent lucifer first," she said.

Medvedev admits to channeling Djokovic successful epic comeback

Medvedev volition instrumentality connected Stefanos Tsitsipas contiguous successful the different semi-final.

The No.2 successful the satellite is present the wide favourite to triumph the title, contempt getting pushed to the brink by Canadian young weapon Felix Auger Alliasime successful their quarter-final connected Wednesday.

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