How To DIY A Cobra Kai Halloween Costume For Under $35

5 days ago


October 13, 2021 4:02PM EDT

Kick butt this Halloween by creating your ain ‘Cobra Kai’ costume! While martial arts accessories — similar a belt, headband & patches — tin adhd up, we’ve picked retired 6 DIY items nether $35 for you to shop!

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Since 2018, Cobra Kai has captured the hearts of dedicated Karate Kid fans each implicit the globe, which is wherefore it makes for the cleanable DIY Halloween costume! Yes, we’re going to assistance alteration you into a footwear a** martial arts star. Now, we’ll permission the determination up to you whether you privation to recreate Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) oregon Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) character. Luckily, we provided a wig for some successful our DIY list, below.

Cobra KaiNetflix’s ‘Cobra Kai.’ (Photo credit: Everett Collection)

Creating your own Cobra Kai costume volition marque you a stand-out astatine immoderate Halloween event. And hey, possibly it’ll animate you to instrumentality up martial arts successful existent life. If you’re not feeling that ambitious, hopefully, you’ll tune into the Emmy-nominated Netflix series, which is headed into its 3rd play (January 8!). Cobra Kai — a sequel to the cult classical movie, The Karate Kid — takes spot 34 years after the All Valley tourney that changed Daniel and Johnny’s lives forever. Without giving thing away, we volition archer you that the bid begins with Daniel and Johnny’s longstanding rivalry being reignited aft Johnny reopens the infamous Cobra Kai dojo arsenic portion of his redemption mission.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s get to shopping! Below are our six DIY picks to make the ultimate Cobra Kai Halloween costume. Take a heavy enactment and person fun, due to the fact that we did each of the enactment for you! Keep successful caput that the halfway point of this costume is simply a achromatic karate outfit and immoderate benignant of Cobra Kai accessory. So, you tin premix and match, and take which items acceptable your style.

1. A Karate Uniform

2. A Blonde oregon Brunette Wig


This Smiffy’s Men’s Wig (one size) is wholly optional, however, it’s connected merchantability for little than $25. If you’re genuinely dedicated to emulating Daniel oregon Johnny’s look, this short, pull-on wig is the mode to go. $20, amazon

3. A Cobra Kai Headband


Our favorite! Every karate pro needs a stylish headband. This Cobra Kai Sports Headband (unisex) doubles arsenic a workout set and it tin beryllium styled successful aggregate ways. Bonus: This headband is ace casual to cleanable due to the fact that of its absorbing material. $20, amazon

4. Cobra Kai Patches

Cobra Kai patches

Make your costume legit and authentic arsenic ever with these apical rated Cobra Kai Patches. You tin easy customize your martial arts azygous by adding these elaborate designs successful the place(s) of your choice. — That way, everyone volition cognize who they’re dealing with connected Halloween night. $7, amazon

5. Karate Belts

karate belts

For those who emotion accessories, these BlackBeltShop Karate Belts are a bully interaction for immoderate Cobra Kai costume. While they’re an optional item, these belts (sizes: 0 to 9) are an casual mode to brag astir your level of karate expertise. $11, amazon

6. A Cobra Kai Face Mask

face mask

Usually, we wouldn’t urge wearing a look disguise with this costume, however, successful today’s climate, it’s paramount that you see purchasing these Cobra Kai Face Masks. If you already person protective look gear, that’s great, but this would beryllium a harmless and awesome summation to your Cobra Kai costume! They’re soft, comfy and it has easy-to-put-on, stretchable receptor flaps, plus, adjustable straps. $12, amazon