Ice-T’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 3 Children, Including Youngest Daughter Chanel

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October 13, 2021 4:22PM EDT

Ice-T has 3 children, each from antithetic relationships. Here’s what you request to cognize astir his kids.

Few Hollywood stars are arsenic multi-talented arsenic Ice-T is. The 63-year-old is champion known for his palmy rapping career, which includes 8 solo albums and 7 albums with the dense metallic band Body Count. Ice-T (real sanction Tracy Lauren Marrow) is besides a songwriter and producer— positive he’s been acting arsenic NYPD Detective/Sergeant Odafin Tutuola in Law & Order: SVU since 2000. But Ice-T’s astir cherished occupation of each is being a begetter to his 3 children.

Ice-T has 2 daughters and 1 son, and each 3 kids are from antithetic relationships. Learn each astir Ice-T’s children below.

Ice-T with girl  ChanelIce-T with girl Chanel astatine Blue Ridge Rock Festival connected September 11, 2021 (Photo: Paul A Hebert/Shutterstock)

LeTesha Marrow

Ice-T’s eldest kid is girl LeTesha Marrow. LeTesha was calved connected March 20, 1976, to the rapper’s precocious schoolhouse girlfriend, Adrienne. Ice-T was lone 18 years aged astatine the time, and helium and Adrienne finished retired their precocious schoolhouse years portion raising their babe miss together. The mates yet divided up, and LeTesha lived with her dada during her childhood.

LeTesha is present 45, and her Twitter bio says that she’s a writer, manager and actress. She besides has her ain OnlyFans account that costs $20 per period to subscribe. LeTesha has a son, Elyjah Marrow, who was calved successful 1995. In June 2014, then-19-year-old Elyjah was arrested successful Marietta, Georgia and charged with involuntary manslaughter aft his roommate Daryus Johnson died by accident, according to reports. Police officials said astatine the clip that Elyijah did not usage “proper firearms safety” portion holding a gun, which caused Daryus to beryllium accidentally changeable and killed. Elyjah was indicted connected assorted charges the pursuing year, and helium was enactment down bars until September 2019, according to multiple reports.

Tracy Marrow Jr.

Tracy Marrow Jr.Tracy Marrow Jr. performs with Body Count astatine the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival successful 2014 (Photo: Paul A Hebert/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Ice Tracy Marrow Jr. is Ice-T’s 2nd child. The rapper welcomed his lone lad — who goes by Tracy — connected November 23, 1991, with woman Darlene Ortiz. The brace met astatine a nine portion Ice-T was filming the 1984 breakdancing philharmonic movie Breakin. 

Tracy, present 29, has go a spitting representation of his celebrated father. He’s adjacent go a subordinate of his dad’s set Body Count, performing backup vocals! Tracy really got into immoderate ineligible occupation successful 2012 erstwhile helium was 20 years old, erstwhile helium got arrested connected an outstanding $10,000 warrant stemming from a erstwhile speeding offense, reports stated. He aboriginal confirmed connected Twitter that helium got bailed retired of jailhouse and paid disconnected the fine. Tracy has appeared connected his ma Darelene’s societal media from clip to time, including connected Mother’s Day this past May. For the occasion, Darlene shared galore photos of her lad from implicit the years and besides wrote a heartfelt message. “I conscionable can’t get capable of this young man, I emotion being a mom,” Darlene said.

Chanel Marrow

Ice-T’s youngest bundle of joyousness is his girl Chanel Marrow, whom helium shares with woman Coco Austin42. Chanel was calved connected November 28, 2015, implicit 13 years aft Ice-T and Coco tied the knot. Chanel is present 5 years old, and she’s grown into the astir adorable small miss ever. Plus, fans deliberation she looks similar a cleanable operation of her celebrated parents!

Recently, Ice-T and Coco person been criticized for however they’re raising Chanel. Coco notably posted a photograph successful September of her girl wearing French tips for schoolhouse picture day. The mates besides raised eyebrows erstwhile Coco revealed that she inactive breastfed Chanel and called it a “bonding moment” successful an August interrogation with Us Weekly. But successful a caller interrogation connected The View, Ice-T made it wide that he’s ignoring what the haters person to say. “Worry astir the radical who locomotion up to you and accidental things successful your existent life. Those are the radical you should beryllium acrophobic with,” helium said. “Everybody parents differently. I accidental each location has its ain constitution. We’re doing okay. Our baby’s okay.”