‘Idol’s Fritz Hager Reveals ‘New Music Is Definitely Coming’ & Hints At Leah Marlene Collab

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Fritz Hager

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Fritz Hager was 1 of the standout artists of American Idol play 20, and helium made it each the mode to the apical 5. After witnessing Fritz’s endowment connected Idol, it’s wide this is conscionable the opening for the Texas singer. Now that the amusement has travel to an end, Fritz wants to support the “momentum” going and kickstart the adjacent section of his euphony career.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Fritz astir caller euphony successful the future, and helium promised that there’s immoderate “definitely coming” soon. He besides talked astir his unthinkable fans, his future and inevitable collaboration with Leah Marlene, and those “funny” dating rumors. Read our Q&A below:

Fritz HagerFritz Hager performing connected ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

Now that the play is over, however are you feeling astir everything that’s happened implicit the past fewer months? 
Fritz Hager: It’s crazy. Right now, it’s truly conscionable astir keeping this momentum going. I consciousness similar these adjacent mates of months tin beryllium truly important for my vocation moving forward. So portion I americium location and resting, I’m besides doing shows portion I’m present and trying to benignant of enactment successful the concern that Idol had and enactment locked into increasing my career.

You released a caller azygous called “Hearts Align.” Do you person caller euphony coming out? An album? What are your plans? 
Fritz Hager: I’m going to beryllium playing unrecorded more. I’m going to beryllium successful the workplace a batch more. All this is happening. People tin decidedly expect caller music. I anticipation I tin enactment retired an album. I’ve ever wanted to bash that and enactment retired a full assemblage of work. It’s hard to archer precisely what’s going to happen, but 100 percent caller euphony is decidedly coming.

Are you ever idiosyncratic who’s penning down caller material?
Fritz Hager: I was penning passim each of my Idol experience. I’ve written respective songs successful that edifice room. I truly can’t halt due to the fact that penning is my outlet. Idol is precise precocious stress, truthful that was benignant of my coping mechanics for a batch of the accent that came my way. I’m ever writing. I had the accidental to conscionable up with immoderate chill radical portion I was successful LA. There’s chill worldly connected the enactment for sure.

Do you deliberation you’ll determination to Los Angeles oregon Nashville? Are you conscionable playing it by ear? 
Fritz Hager: I’m benignant of playing it by ear. I cognize I’m going to permission Texas. I bash cognize that. LA and Nashville, it’s similar a coin flip almost. It truly conscionable comes down to what opportunities travel my way. That prime has been looming implicit my caput for the full clip I was successful LA. LA oregon Nashville, that’s a large one. I deliberation that, regardless, I’ll beryllium moving backmost and distant betwixt the 2 cities. I’m conscionable excited to spot what happens.

Throughout Idol, you developed a truly unthinkable instrumentality base. How bash you consciousness astir having that enactment from radical who conscionable genuinely emotion your euphony and person rallied down you?
Fritz Hager: It blows my caput each time. Obviously, votes kept maine successful the contention for a really, truly agelong time. It blew my caput each azygous week. And past winning the encore show on Kelly and Ryan was different infinitesimal wherever I’m conscionable like, ohio my gosh. I was penning and playing euphony for a agelong clip and not a batch of radical cared, truthful it truly touches maine that truthful galore radical are rallying down maine and supporting me, and looking guardant to what comes next.

During the finale, you got the accidental to execute with James Arthur. What was that similar getting to execute with idiosyncratic you look up to truthful much? 
Fritz Hager: That was amazing. James Arthur is specified a chill guy. We had an accidental to chat arsenic well. What I appreciated the most… obviously, playing with him was amazing, but being capable to speech with him astir his acquisition connected X Factor and however helium benignant of kept that momentum and built connected it. He’s 1 of the top successes of that show, truthful getting capable to beryllium capable to prime his encephalon astir what happened to him aft the amusement and however helium was capable to support that momentum and benignant of snowball it into the vocation helium has present was amazing. I’m truly grateful for that. Idol’s conscionable astonishing that you conscionable a clump of radical that you would ne'er conscionable otherwise, truthful I was conscionable truly grateful to beryllium capable to stock the signifier with him and get to chat with him.

The play 20 radical was honestly 1 of the astir tight-knit groups I’ve seen connected Idol successful a agelong time. How did it consciousness to person that enactment strategy passim the competition? 
Fritz Hager: Idol is incredibly stressful each the time. We’re each distant from our families. A batch of america person ne'er been to LA before. It was a precise new, overseas acquisition for each of us. But you’re right, we grew ace close, similar each the apical 24. We were each adjacent from that constituent connected due to the fact that we had conscionable been successful it unneurotic for a truly agelong time. It’s astir similar trauma bonding. We’re each going done the nonstop aforesaid experience, and there’s not a batch of radical retired determination that tin truly subordinate to that and truly recognize what it’s like. I’m super, ace grateful for that support. We truly held each different up passim the full process.

I conscionable spoke to Leah, and she stressed that determination is going to beryllium much Leah and Fritz’s contented precise soon. I wanted you to measurement successful connected that.
Fritz Hager: She’s 100 percent right. If we didn’t bash thing together, it would beryllium astir apt the biggest misstep of our career. Obviously, Leah’s great. She’s an astonishing musician, an astonishing songwriter. There’s decidedly going to beryllium plentifulness of Leah and Fritz’s contented for the satellite to see.

I’m a large sucker for duets, truthful I loved you and Leah’s “Locked Out of Heaven” duet. I request you guys successful the workplace penning a opus and releasing it to the world.
Fritz Hager: We’ve been talking astir that ever since Hollywood Week. With the amusement happening, we were beauteous constricted successful what we could do. But present that the show’s over, I’m truly excited to spot what comes from that collaboration. There’s going to beryllium plentifulness of it.

Fritz HagerFritz Hager and Leah Marlene connected ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

I deliberation immoderate fans wanted you and Leah to travel couples similar Gabby and Cade. What was your absorption erstwhile you saw those dating rumors going around? 
Fritz Hager: Honestly, for maine and Leah, they’re conscionable truthful funny. It’s weird a small spot conscionable due to the fact that it was our archetypal clip being successful the spotlight. It benignant of cracks america up due to the fact that it’s conscionable truthful not that. But she’s great. She’s similar my champion friend. I deliberation that I deliberation radical bash privation that. Every clip either of america goes unrecorded oregon we station thing connected Instagram, determination are ever radical who inquire the dating question. But we’re conscionable truly bully friends.

Looking backmost on Idol, is determination thing you learned astir yourself oregon thing that’s impacted you?
Fritz Hager: It’s hard to truly quantify that conscionable due to the fact that I’ve changed truthful overmuch since my archetypal audition, conscionable arsenic a person. I deliberation astir apt the biggest happening is conscionable the assurance and knowing that this is what I’m expected to do. There are radical retired determination that are supporting maine and privation maine to marque music. I truly presumption the euphony manufacture arsenic a work to people. That’s astir apt the biggest thing, and there’s a assurance that comes with that, knowing that determination are radical retired determination that are supporting you. That’s astir apt the biggest alteration to me, personally, but there’s been truthful overmuch bully proposal passim the season. One that ever stuck with maine was the precise archetypal portion of proposal Katy [Perry] gave maine during my archetypal audition. People request to cognize who I americium arsenic an creator from the archetypal enactment that comes retired of my mouth. That is applicable extracurricular of the show. I’m really, truly excited to instrumentality each I’ve learned from Idol and present use it to the existent satellite and the euphony industry, and spot what comes of it.