Inside the shattered dressing room of beaten Manly

1 week ago

Manly enforcer Taniela Paseka says past Friday's nonaccomplishment to the Melbourne Storm was a "wake up call", adding that the dense decision would service arsenic a learning acquisition for the remainder of the finals series.

Manly had gone into the finals afloat of confidence, but were belted by the insignificant premiers, 40-12 - and the guardant said the sheds aft the crippled were soundless arsenic the players tried to process what had happened.

Taniela Paseka during past Friday's nonaccomplishment to the Storm. (Getty)

"It was precise quiet, nary 1 truly spoke. We were precise disappointed, I was precise disappointed. I felt, and we felt, similar we fto the jersey down," helium said.

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"It's ne'er easy, particularly the magnitude of points they enactment connected america ... it wasn't nice.

"To re-live that [during review], it wasn't a bully feeling. But it was bully truthful that we don't fto it hap again, and that we larn disconnected it."

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Captain Daly Cherry-Evans said that "Melbourne surely showed america there's inactive a batch much hard enactment to beryllium done," and agreed that it had been a wake-up call.

"We got a monolithic acquisition from the Storm connected however to play finals footy, and they did an outstanding occupation connected Friday night," helium said.

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"Plenty to larn from, but it's hard not to conscionable re-focus and get motivated to play this week."

Despite the loss, Manly spell into Friday's clash with the Roosters arsenic dense favourites.

"I person religion successful this squad that we'll get retired of this," Paseka said.

Isaac Lumelume of the Storm celebrates with squad mates aft scoring a effort during the NRL Qualifying Final betwixt the Melbourne Storm and the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles astatine Sunshine Coast Stadium connected September 10, 2021, successful Sunshine Coast, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images) (Getty)

"Losing besides creates character."

He praised the Roosters forwards arsenic a "great force."

"They're precise experienced, large guardant pack. They've been sidesplitting it this year, evidently with each the injuries that person been happening successful their squad they've inactive turned up, and been getting wins," helium said.

"This week we're focusing hard connected their guardant battalion and doing immoderate we tin to unopen them down and vie with them."

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