Investment in space companies exceeds $10 billion this year, a new annual record

2 days ago

Pete Cannito, Redwire Corporation astatine the New York Stock Exchange, September 8, 2021.

Source: NYSE

Private concern successful abstraction companies deed $3.9 cardinal successful the 3rd quarter, propelling this twelvemonth to a caller yearly grounds of $10.3 billion, according to a report this week by New York-based steadfast Space Capital.

"This 4th sets a caller grounds for yearly infrastructure investment, having surpassed the erstwhile of $9.8B acceptable successful 2020," Space Capital managing spouse Chad Anderson wrote successful the report.

The quarterly Space Capital study divides concern successful the manufacture into 3 exertion categories: infrastructure, organisation and application.

Infrastructure includes what commonly would beryllium considered arsenic abstraction companies, specified arsenic firms that physique rockets and satellites.

Space companies closing SPAC mergers and going nationalist made up a important information of the superior raised successful the 3rd 4th – with moves completed by Rocket Lab, Spire Global, BlackSky, Momentus, and Redwire. The 2 largest deals successful the 4th were by ORBCOMM, which was taken backstage for $1.1 billion, and outer broadband institution OneWeb, which raised $550 million.

With much SPAC deals expected to adjacent successful the 4th quarter, Anderson wrote that "the mean circular size and the fig of rounds are besides connected way to acceptable caller records astatine the extremity of Q4."

In total, Space Capital tracks 1,654 companies which person raised $231.2 cardinal successful cumulative planetary equity concern since 2012 crossed its 3 abstraction categories.

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