Janet Jackson Breaks Silence On Rumored Secret Daughter With Ex James DeBarge

3 months ago

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January 28, 2022 9:00PM EST

Shortly aft she joined astatine 18, rumors swirled that Janet Jackson had a concealed girl she had fixed away. In her caller documentary, she’s mounting the grounds straight.

In the mid-80s, it was the rumor that could not beryllium contained. Shortly aft marrying chap vocalist James DeBarge successful 1984, a young Janet Jackson recovered herself astatine the halfway of immoderate large gossip. Somewhere on the way, a communicative came to airy that Janet had gotten large portion starring connected the deed show, Fame, and had a concealed girl tucked distant nary 1 knew about. Forty years later, Janet is inactive trying to unopen down the story.


“Back successful the time they were saying that I had a kid and I kept it secret,” Janet said successful an interrogation successful her caller documentary, Janet Jackson. She explained the elaborate, chaotic conspiracy theories that person gone on, and are inactive talked astir to this day: however her “secret baby” was raised by her sister, Rebbie, oregon perchance member Jackie, pointing to her niece Brandy, (Rebbie’s daughter) and brother Randy‘s girl Stevanna, due to the fact that of however overmuch they looked alike.  But Janet maintains she ne'er had a daughter, oregon immoderate kid astatine each with her ex James, and if she did, she would’ve ne'er kept them from him. “How could I support a kid from their father?” she asked successful interview. “I could ne'er bash that, that’s not right.”

So however precisely did each the rumors get started? Janet tries to shed immoderate airy connected that successful the documentary arsenic well, pointing to a clip successful her beingness erstwhile she started to enactment connected immoderate weight, but for a precise antithetic reason. ” I had started taking commencement power pills,” she explained, during the clip she was connected Fame. “And backmost then, you could prime up value taking them, and that’s what happened to me. So that rumor started going around.”

Given the turbulent quality of her matrimony with James, which lone lasted a year, the rumors of a concealed girl wasn’t the lone header that came retired of that epoch of Janet’s life. Janet rapidly learned that James’ was precise heavy into drugs, thing she couldn’t spot erstwhile they got together, pointing to her ain “innocence”. “I cared truthful overmuch for him, and I saw the bully successful him arsenic good and I conscionable wanted that to instrumentality precedence arsenic opposed to this ugliness. ‘Cause I knew that helium needed help. But I wasn’t the assistance that helium needed.”

These days, Janet has a precise antithetic beingness and relationship. She yet welcomed lad Eissa successful 2017, who conscionable precocious celebrated his 5th birthday, with  Wissam Al Mana ,who she joined successful 2012, but divorced successful 2017.