Jason Duggar Insists He’ll ‘Never Stop Loving’ Brother Josh & Says Judge’s Ruling Is ‘Fair’

1 month ago

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This photograph  provided by the Washington County (Ark.) Jail shows Joshua Duggar. Former world  TV Star Josh Duggar is being held successful  a northwest Arkansas jailhouse  aft  being arrested, by national  authorities, but it's unclear what charges helium  whitethorn  faceJosh Duggar Arrested, United States - 29 Apr 2021

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“Yesterday my oldest member was sentenced to 151 months, astir 12 1/2 years successful situation for receiving and possessing kid pornography,” Jason “Jase” Duggar wrote connected his Instagram Story connected Thursday (May 26), a time aft Josh Duggar learned his destiny pursuing his kid pornography charge. “In my opinion,” wrote Jase, 22, “Judge Timothy L. Brooks was just successful his ruling giving Josh a condemnation that would beryllium considered beneath the median for the crimes helium has committed.”

“My bosom is grieved implicit the choices my member has made. His actions bash not bespeak that of a Christian believer and person doubtlessly defamed my Lord and Savior’s name!! Joshua’s mediocre decisions person greatly effected [sic] those astir him, successful peculiar his wife, 7 children, and our household arsenic a whole,” continued Jase. “With that said, I volition ne'er halt loving my brother, careless of what helium does, conscionable arsenic my savior has forgiven me, truthful I person forgiven my member of his wrongdoings! My supplication is that God volition usage this condition to genuinely humble him and bring astir a existent alteration successful his life!”


Josh, 34, received 151 months – 12.5 years, approximately – for his December 2021 condemnation of 2 counts of possessing and receiving kid pornography. Josh besides received 20 years of supervised merchandise and a $10,000 fine. He’s besides banned from having unsupervised visits with his 7 kids (who presently scope successful property from 7 months to 12 years). “The Defendant shall person nary unsupervised interaction with minors. If determination is simply a interest astir the imaginable for inadvertent interaction with a insignificant astatine a peculiar place, function, oregon event, past the Defendant shall get support from the U.S. Probation Office earlier attending immoderate specified place, function, oregon event,” according to court documents obtained by HollywoodLife.

Josh Duggar ( Patsy Lynch/Shutterstock)

“We are neither rejoicing nor disappointed by the sentence, but we are thankful it’s yet over,” Jill Duggar and her husband,  Derick Dillard, wrote connected their idiosyncratic blog pursuing the sentencing. “The Bible intelligibly states that God affects justness and vengeance done the governing authorities. Though immoderate judge Josh should person received a greater condemnation and inactive less judge helium should person received a lighter sentence, God has carried retired his vengeance contiguous for his unspeakable transgression activity. … Hopefully, Josh tin really statesman to get attraction and statesman to enactment toward a manner wherever helium is little apt to re-offend.”