Jennifer Aniston Goes Makeup-Free & Reveals Her Frizzy Hair As She Battles Humidity — Photos

1 week ago

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January 13, 2022 6:39PM EST

Frizzy hair, don’t care. Jennifer Aniston gave fans a post-shower glimpse of her tousled locks arsenic she wore nary constitution and a towel.

Jennifer Aniston, 52, is acceptable to propulsion down against humidity. The Friends actress makes adjacent a atrocious hairsbreadth time look bully arsenic she showed disconnected her frizzy locks connected Instagram. She blamed humidity for the post-shower pics but fans mightiness person to convey for it arsenic Jennifer stunned arsenic her voluminous hairsbreadth hung implicit her enarthrosis and her cleavage popped implicit the towel. Her earthy quality besides shined done arsenic the histrion wore nary makeup.

In the 2nd picture, the Murder Mystery actress fto her hairsbreadth remainder successful its earthy state. Humidity and all, it inactive was a steamy look for the actress. It should travel arsenic nary astonishment that haircare is her specialty arsenic she precocious launched a haircare enactment called LolaVie that boasts astir its efforts successful sustainability with reusable packaging and bamboo essence alternatively of de-ionized (common) water.

Jennifer precocious wowed her fans with a sexy look for her THR photo shoot. The Morning Show actress slayed successful a achromatic bikini-like harvest apical and matching high-waisted pants. She topped disconnected the fabulous look with a achromatic fedora. She sported respective different looks passim the photoshoot including a achromatic leotard formal achromatic a fully-sheer skirt and a classical achromatic turtleneck with jeans.

The histrion has travel crossed galore obstacles passim her lengthy vocation and 1 of those facing those who person condemned her for “choosing her vocation over kids.” “I utilized to instrumentality it each precise personally — the gestation rumors and the full ‘Oh, she chose vocation implicit kids’ assumption,” Jennifer said during her screen sprout interview. “It’s like, ‘You person nary hint what’s going with maine personally, medically, wherefore I can’t … tin I person kids?’ They don’t cognize anything, and it was truly hurtful and conscionable nasty.”

She has faced an immense magnitude of unit passim her vocation but she credits having “so galore evolved, affirmative radical astir me” arsenic to wherefore she ne'er had a “public breakdown” similar galore stars of her clip like Britney Spears have. She besides got candid astir however it was hard for her to movie the Friends reunion due to the fact that she had to look immoderate of the demons of her past. She admitted she had to get up and locomotion retired of the country a fig of times but arsenic always, she prevailed.