Jessie J, 33, Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage After ‘Deciding To Have A Baby’ On Her ‘Own’

4 days ago


November 24, 2021 4:39PM EST

Pop prima Jessie J conscionable suffered a miscarriage aft getting large connected her ain and shared an affectional connection connected her Instagram to explicate the ‘overwhelming’ situation.

Jessie J conscionable shared immoderate profoundly idiosyncratic and somber news. The 33-year-old singer announced that aft trying to get large “on her own,” she suffered a miscarriage. “Yesterday greeting I was laughing with a person saying ‘seriously though however americium I going to get done my gig successful LA time nighttime without telling the full assemblage I americium pregnant,'” she captioned a photograph of her holding a Clearblue antagonistic gestation trial connected her Instagram. “By yesterday day I was dreading the thought of getting done the gig without breaking down.”

The “Bang Bang” songstress went connected successful the lengthy caption to further explicate the devastating situation. “After going for my 3rd scan and being told determination was nary longer a heartbeat,” she revealed, “I consciousness similar I person nary power of my emotions. I whitethorn regret posting this. I whitethorn not. I really don’t know. What I bash cognize is that I privation to sing tonight. Not due to the fact that Im [sic] avoiding the grief oregon the process, but due to the fact that I cognize singing contiguous volition assistance me.”

The vocalist continued with her sentiments successful the post, saying that her psyche “needs” the merchandise of being connected signifier aft dealing with specified hard emotions. “Even much today. I cognize immoderate radical volition beryllium reasoning she should conscionable cancel it. But successful this infinitesimal I person clarity connected 1 thing. I started singing erstwhile I was young for joy, to capable my psyche and aforesaid emotion therapy, that hasn’t ever changed and I person to process this my way,” she shared.

Jessie added that she wanted to beryllium “honest and true” and “not hide” her emotions, revealing however she went astir her newfound motherhood journey. “I decided to person a babe on my own. Because it’s each I’ve ever wanted and beingness is short,” she explained. “To get large was a occurrence successful itself and an acquisition I volition ne'er hide and I cognize I volition person again.” The “Domino” popular prima added that “the sadness is overwhelming” but she “will beryllium ok.”

Jessie JJessie J performs astatine the MusiCares Person of the Year Gala, Jan. 2020 (Frank Micelotta/Picturegroup/Shutterstock).

“I besides cognize millions of women each implicit the satellite person felt this symptom and mode worse. I consciousness connected to those of you I cognize and those of you I don’t,” she shared. “So I volition spot you contiguous LA. I whitethorn ace little jokes but my bosom volition beryllium successful the room.”

In the 2nd descent of her post, the London autochthonal shared a punctuation from Australian writer Şeyda Noir that read, “Sometimes emotion won’t beryllium capable to marque it work, and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed.”