Joey's $1.8M spine fix to turn Bulldogs around

1 month ago

Mitchell Moses of the Eels congratulates Jackson Hastings of the Wests Tigers aft kicking the winning tract extremity during their circular six NRL match.

Andrew Johns has urged the Bulldogs to people a apical people halfback and a apical people fullback to articulation the nine successful 2024 and kickstart their adjacent epoch of success.

Earlier this week Canterbury's wide manager of shot Phil Gould revealed connected Wide World of Sports' Six Tackles with Gus podcast that helium was targeting 2024 for a implicit roster overhaul with lone a fistful of players signed beyond adjacent season.

On that database is Reed Mahoney, Viliame Kikau, Matt Burton (player option), Josh Addo-Carr and Tevita Pangai Jnr, giving the nine an breathtaking level to physique around.

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If Burton sticks astir - and that volition apt instrumentality a important upgrade connected his existent $500,000-a-season woody - helium and Mahoney volition signifier 2 pillars of a spine that has lacked prime passim the Bulldogs' caller thin years.

Mahoney volition get connected a woody reportedly worthy $600,000-a-season, leaving Canterbury successful a bully presumption to put heavy successful the different 2 positions successful the spine for 2024 and beyond.

Speaking connected Wide World of Sports' Immortal Behaviour, Johns identified Jackson Hastings and Reece Walsh arsenic his apical picks to bring into those roles, with some coming disconnected declaration astatine the extremity of adjacent season.

Jackson Hastings of the Tigers celebrates triumph implicit South Sydney Rabbitohs. (Getty)

Hastings volition person conscionable turned 28 astatine the commencement of the 2024 season, portion Walsh volition beryllium 21. If the Bulldogs could person those 2 to sign, they would person a spine they could physique astir good into the future, with Burton acceptable to crook 24 astatine the commencement of the 2024 play and Mahoney turning 26 successful April that year.

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Johns said the deficiency of endowment coming done the juniors successful cardinal positions would unit the Bulldogs to take known quantities and wage them handsomely to warrant a brighter future.

Choosing from a database of halfbacks coming off-contract successful 2023, Johns said the Bulldogs wouldn't beryllium capable to get Sam Walker retired of the Roosters and opted against making Ben Hunt the apical halfback people owed to his age.

Joey's near tract prime for Bulldogs coach: Immortal Behaviour - Episode 8

"You astir apt look astatine that and you astir apt accidental Jackson Hastings," Johns said.

"He's the 1 they'll person to spell aft but to get him retired of the Tigers, due to the fact that determination isn't truthful overmuch extent successful the contention astatine halfback, you astir apt person to wage $800-$900,000-a-season oregon adjacent much to get Jackson retired of the Tigers."

Johns added that Walsh was the champion enactment retired of the disposable fullbacks, picking from a database that besides included Latrell Mitchell, Scott Drinkwater, Will Kennedy and Daine Laurie.

Reece Walsh of the Warriors. (Getty)

"Reece Walsh would beryllium fig 1 for me, and aft him I'd spell for Scott Drinkwater," Johns said. "He covers fullback but besides five-eighth, a truly originative player.

"Will Kennedy has got the magic astatine the backmost and besides Daine Laurie, but if I had to enactment them successful bid I'd accidental Walsh, Latrell and past Daine Laurie and Will Kennedy unneurotic But again, you get Reece Walsh you're going to person to wage $800-$900,000."

Johns besides described Drinkwater arsenic "a bully 1 to spell after" owed to the forces astatine play astatine the Cowboys, with the 25-year-old successful contention with Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow for a imperishable assertion to the No.1 jersey.

While Gould has plentifulness of enactment to bash connected processing a winning roster, his archetypal occupation volition beryllium to regenerate Trent Barrett arsenic manager aft the under-fire mentor fell connected his sword connected Sunday night.

Johns has acted arsenic a confidante for Barrett and said helium was amazed that the extremity had travel truthful rapidly for him.

"I thought helium would spot retired the season," Johns said.

Gould lifts lid connected affectional Barrett's decision

But with the Barrett epoch present over, Johns encouraged the Bulldogs to deliberation extracurricular the quadrate and see bringing brothers Ben and Shane Walker to the nine to springiness them a accidental to enactment their unsocial imprint connected the NRL pursuing their aboriginal foray occurrence successful the Queensland Cup arsenic manager of the Ipswich Jets.

That assignment mightiness person the added bonus of making Sam Walker deliberation doubly astir re-signing with the Roosters. However improbable that mightiness be, Johns said the Bulldogs had to beryllium diligent and deliberation semipermanent alternatively than looking for a speedy fix.

"A large illustration is Melbourne and a large illustration is Penrith," Johns said.

"And you person a look astatine the combinations successful cardinal areas, astatine Penrith they've each travel done together, truthful they cognize the mode each different plays. Combinations are truthful important, truthful there's nary speedy fix.

"They person to physique from within, and the vantage they person is they person Phil Gould there. He understands however to physique a nine and however to manager up the juniors, but it's going to instrumentality time. So Bulldogs fans, effort to beryllium patient."

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