Joey's best NRL players under 22 scary for Blues

1 month ago

Andrew Johns has picked retired the 5 astir outstanding NRL players yet to crook 22, making a frightening reflection for NSW fans.

While the Blues are enjoying a play of dominance, having won 3 of the past 4 series, that could beryllium short-lived if the prediction Johns has made astir the adjacent procreation of greats is connected the money.

Asked to prime 5 young guns who volition predominate for the adjacent decade, Johns identified Roosters stars Sam Walker (19) and Joseph Suaalii (18), roar Broncos winger Selwyn Cobbo (19), Warriors fullback Reece Walsh (19) and Cowboys speedster Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow (20).

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"Four of those are from Queensland," Johns said connected Wide World of Sports' Immortal Behaviour, raising his eyebrows, portion besides observing that determination was a dearth of prime halfbacks coming through, with Walker the lone No.7 connected the list.

Of the 5 Johns listed, 3 of the Queenslanders could extremity up being semipermanent fullbacks astatine nine level, perchance complicating Origin enactment for the Maroons down the track.

Broncos winger Selwyn Cobbo. (Gregg Porteous/NRL Imagery)

Cobbo, who is having a breakout play for the Broncos, having scored 9 tries successful 11 games, is firming for a Maroons debut connected the helping this year, portion Tabuai-Fidow got his archetypal sensation of Origin astatine centre successful a crippled 3 triumph past year.

Both Walker and Walsh are seen arsenic semipermanent Origin prospects for Queensland, leaving Suaalii, who is inactive much than 2 months distant from his 19th day arsenic the lone subordinate connected Johns' database with a semipermanent vocation up successful entity blue.

At this signifier of their careers Johns sees Suaalii, Walker and Cobbo arsenic the apical 3 players of their generation, with Walsh and Tabuai-Fidow trailing them.

He predicted that Walker would pull the astir lucrative contracts owed to the scarcity of superb halfbacks.

Sam Walker of the Roosters successful enactment against Manly (Getty)

"Joseph Suaalii's inactive 18?" Johns asked, shaking his head. "He's the one. He's 1 definitely.

"He'll yet spell into the centres, it won't beryllium excessively agelong until helium goes into the centres, and I spot him being 1 of the champion centres successful the competition. We saw him successful defence the different nighttime connected Kikau. Gosh!"

Johns past moved connected to Cobbo, saying "we tin each see, yet he's going to beryllium a satellite people fullback". Johns expects him to modulation into the centres earlier processing into a apical No.1.

While Suaalii and Cobbo are arguably the astir breath-taking players connected Johns' list, helium said Walker "could beryllium the apical earner successful the contention successful the adjacent 10 years".

"Halfbacks are precise rare," helium added.

While Walsh was an evident 4th sanction connected the list, Johns had a caveat for Cowboys flyer Tabuai-Fidow, saying helium needed to marque fullback his semipermanent presumption to warrant his spot among the competition's elite.

Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow (Getty)

Perhaps the biggest astonishment successful Johns' database was the omission of classy five-eighth/back-rower Josh Schuster, who has made a large content since making his debut for Manly arsenic a teen successful 2020.

Now 21, Schuster has go 1 of the Sea Eagles' astir unsafe attacking weapons connected the near borderline and volition instrumentality implicit from the departing Kieran Foran successful Manly's celebrated No.6 jersey adjacent season.

Yet Johns near him retired of his apical 5 and had a informing for Schuster astir his conditioning.

Josh Schuster of the Sea Eagles sprays h2o connected his look during the circular 11 lucifer betwixt the Eels and Sea Eagles. (Getty)

"He's got the talent, he'll spell to five-eighth adjacent twelvemonth with Kieran Foran gone," Johns said.

"Big five-eighth. A spot of a interest for me, Josh came back, he's been retired injured, and he's massive. I deliberation he's enactment connected immoderate value successful the off-season.

"We each cognize the endowment ... to beryllium genuinely elite you've got to tick each container and that's astir being nonrecreational distant from training, not conscionable turning up to grooming and grooming hard, it's astir the extras and however you hole for grooming and however you hole your body.

"So that mightiness beryllium the situation for Josh but we tin each spot the frightening endowment he's got."

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