John Travolta Wishes His ‘Beautiful Boy’ Benjamin A Happy 11th Birthday

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November 24, 2021 1:48PM EST

John Travolta shared a saccharine household photograph with his daughter, Ella, and son, Benjamin, who was celebrating his large day. Read John’s adoring day tribute to his ‘beautiful boy!’

John Travolta proved himself a proud papa erstwhile again, arsenic helium shared a saccharine tribute to his son, Benjamin, who was celebrating his 11th birthday. Posting an adorable household photograph with Benjamin and his 21-year-old daughter, Ella, connected November 23, the Pulp Fiction prima was each smiles arsenic helium said helium “adores” his youngest child.

“Happy day my beauteous boy,” John captioned the snap. “Your dada adores you!” Ella commented connected the cute pic, wishing her babe member a blessed day arsenic well. She besides took to her ain Instagram to stock a photograph of Benjamin holding the household pup, writing, “Happy Birthday Benjamin! The sweetest lad I know. You proceed to thatch maine truthful overmuch and brighten our lives. I emotion you!”

John is intelligibly a doting father, arsenic the day tribute comes aft helium shared a uncommon selfie with Benjamin connected Halloween, wherever the father-son duo posed unneurotic connected a beauteous beach. The histrion besides precocious showed disconnected his pridefulness for Ella erstwhile helium gushed astir her role successful the upcoming film, Get Lost. On Father’s Day, John celebrated Benjamin and Ella with a amusive household selfie, writing, “It is simply a privilege to beryllium the begetter of these 2 beauteous children – convey you for the grant and my emotion and respect to each fathers.”

Both Benjamin and Ella are John’s children and his precocious wife Kelly Preston, who passed distant successful July 2020 astatine property 57 aft a two-year battle with bosom cancer. The Saturday Night Fever alum opened up astir Kelly’s decease successful August during a treatment with Kevin Hart for his Peacock bid Hart to Heart. At the time, John recalled an affectional conversation with Benjamin, who told his father, “Because ma passed away, I’m acrophobic you’re going to.”

John Travolta Kelly PrestonJohn Travolta, Kelly Preston, Ella Travolta, and Benjamin Travolta be the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ premiere astatine the 71st Cannes Film Festival successful May 2018. (Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)

“I said, ‘Well, it’s a precise antithetic thing,'” John told Kevin astir his response. “And I went done the differences astir my longevity and her constricted life. I said. Nobody knows erstwhile they’re gonna spell oregon erstwhile they’re going to stay. You conscionable bash your champion astatine trying to unrecorded the longest you can.”

John and Kelly, who wed successful 1991, were besides parents to lad Jett, who tragically died astatine the property of 16 successful 2009. After suffering a seizure, helium fatally deed his caput successful a edifice bath during a household abrogation successful the Bahamas.