Jordan Cashmyer: 5 Things About ‘16 & Pregnant’ Star Dead At 26

4 months ago

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January 16, 2022 12:17PM EST

Jordan was stateless erstwhile she appeared connected the MTV amusement and had since struggled with addiction and intelligence wellness issues.

16 & Pregnant prima Jordan Cashmyer has passed distant astatine the property of 26. News of the decease dispersed connected January 16 — but determination is nary known origin of decease arsenic of yet, per TMZ. Jordan’s father, Dennis M. Cashmyer Jr., confirmed his girl had died successful a Facebook post. “Last nighttime I received a telephone nary genitor ever wants,” helium wrote alongside a photograph of Jordan. “My oldest beloved daughter, Jordan has passed away, she was lone 26 years old. Our hearts are genuinely broken. No genitor should ever person to spell done losing a child, EVER.”

16 & PregnantJordan Cashmyer, her boyfriend, Derek Taylor, and girl Evie appeared connected MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant.’ (MTV)

In 2014, Jordan, her boyfriend, Derek Taylor, and girl Evie appeared connected MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. While she struggled during filming and agelong after, Jordan was precocious trying to crook her beingness around, arsenic she celebrated being 1 twelvemonth sober successful January 2021. Find retired each astir the young mother, below.

1. Jordan was stateless portion appearing connected the MTV show

Jordan and Derek were fundamentally connected the streets portion they were awaiting the accomplishment of their kid during the filming of 16 & Pregnant. To marque matters worse, her household did not o.k. of her narration with Derek and fundamentally disowned her.

2. She broke up with her baby’s daddy aft the show

Shortly aft the MTV amusement ended, Jordan and Derek decided to spell abstracted ways. As Derek has been precise backstage connected societal media, small is known astir their narration and however they were managing to co-parent Evie.

3. Jordan signed distant custody rights astatine 1 time

After Jordan broke it disconnected with Derek, the brace were incapable to decently attraction for Evie and truthful household members decided to assistance out. Jordan’s dada and stepmom reportedly stepped successful and temporarily shared guardianship of their granddaughter. In 2015, Jordan signed distant her custody rights to Derek’s mom, again temporarily.

4. She attempted suicide

Jordan continued to person a hard people successful beingness arsenic she was struggling with intelligence wellness issues. In 2014, she attempted to instrumentality her ain life aft filming the series. “I felt that determination wasn’t overmuch of a crushed to unrecorded anymore. After trying to overdose, I was taken to a infirmary and person been successful determination since then,” Jordan wrote connected Facebook. “They felt that I had made capable advancement to spell location today. I americium present connected medicine and feeling great. Things are truly looking up and I americium acceptable connected having the champion imaginable aboriginal for my girl and I.”

5. Jordan worked astatine a portion nine and was arrested

In August of 2014, it was revealed by The Ashley that Jordan had started moving astatine a portion nine successful Baltimore, Maryland. In a second study by the aforesaid outlet, it was reported that Jordan got into a carnal altercation with different worker astatine the portion club. In 2016, Jordan headed to a rehab installation to assistance her with her intoxicant addiction. The pursuing year, Jordan was arrested for cause possession, according to TMZ.