Justin Bieber Looks Unrecognizable In Bizarre Ski Mask At Church With Hailey Baldwin

3 months ago

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January 27, 2022 6:59PM EST

Justin Bieber wore a bizarre disguise implicit his face, portion connected his mode to religion with woman Hailey Baldwin successful Beverly Hills. See the photo!

Ski play successful Los Angeles? Justin Bieber, 27, wore a unusual disguise implicit his full caput connected his mode to religion with woman Hailey Baldwin, 25, successful Beverly Hills connected January 26. The mask, which didn’t screen his rima oregon nose, appeared to beryllium covered with substance successful a achromatic font that stood retired implicit a achromatic background. The vocalist besides sported sunglasses implicit the oculus holes of the mask, and a hoodie implicit his caput conscionable successful lawsuit anyone didn’t get the memo that helium did not privation to beryllium bothered.

Justin completed his unsocial look with cargo pants and Crocs, clutching a solid of thing successful his hand. Hailey wore a superior expression, looking low-key enactment unneurotic successful a cream-colored apical and wide-leg pants, sneakers, and a shearling lined brownish cropped coat. The joined couple, who dated off-and-on for years earlier yet tying the knot successful 2018, are often photographed going to religion service, but this look takes the cake!

Justin Bieber and Hailey BaldwinJustin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin caput to religion successful Beverly Hills connected Jan. 26 (PhotosByDutch / SplashNews.com)

This latest outing is not the archetypal clip Justin has merged religion and fashion. In November, the provocative prima posed for a Balenciaga advertisement successful an outfit that resembled a priest’s robe: a floor-length achromatic cloak, achromatic square-toed chunky boots, and a lanyard astir his cervix that held a clump of keys. “It’s manner darling,” Justin had captioned the pic, which besides displayed a precise serious, somber look connected his face.

Always keeping his fans guessing with his appearance, Justin created rather a disturbance connected January 20 erstwhile helium was photographed successful his car rocking a freshly-shaved head, hiding it partially nether a reddish hoodie. He posted a photograph connected Instagram a fewer days later, erstwhile again covering his caller bald head, this clip with a furry, black-and-white, zebra-print bucket hat, erstwhile again wearing sunglasses astatine night.

At the precise least, manner is impermanent (unlike the array of tattoos each implicit his bod), and is each astir taking risks, truthful helium tin stone immoderate he’s feeling and volition astir apt proceed getting distant with it!