Kamala Harris Gave ‘View’ Interview From Backstage After Hosts Test Positive For Covid

3 weeks ago

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September 24, 2021 12:26PM EDT

After Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested affirmative for COVID-19, Vice President Kamala Harris went done with her interrogation safely from a abstracted country connected ‘The View.’

Vice President Kamala Harris’ return to the presumption had an unexpected twist erstwhile co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested affirmative for COVID-19 successful the mediate of the Friday September 24 broadcast. While the 56-year-old vice president was primitively planned to bash her interrogation unrecorded successful the studio, Harris took questions from Joy Behar and Sara Haines remotely connected a video telephone backstage, and she urged radical to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

.@VP Harris: "Sunny [Hostin] and Ana [Navarro] are beardown women and I cognize they're fine, but it truly besides does talk to the information that they're vaccinated and vaccines truly marque each the quality due to the fact that different we would beryllium acrophobic astir hospitalization and worse." pic.twitter.com/m5NMwT5dk8

— The View (@TheView) September 24, 2021

Behar kicked disconnected the interrogation by assuring that Harris felt harmless successful airy of the covid scare. The vice president praised the 2 hosts for being truthful cautious astir the microorganism to statesman with, and mentioned if they were unvaccinated the consequences could’ve been overmuch worse. “Sunny and Ana are beardown women. I cognize they’re fine, but it truly besides does talk to the information that they’re vaccinated, and vaccines truly marque each the difference, due to the fact that different we would beryllium acrophobic astir hospitalization and worse,” she said.

After the well-wishes for the 2 hosts, Behar asked astir the anticipation of expanding restrictions for those who don’t get the covid vaccine. “People got to beryllium responsible. I’ve been watching—like galore of you—with heartache, the videos of radical who are successful an ICU bed, who didn’t get vaccinated, pleading with their household members [to] delight get vaccinated,” she said. “When I deliberation of it successful the discourse of anyone of america who person had the atrocious acquisition of holding the manus of a loved 1 who is successful an ICU furniture oregon is adjacent death.”

Harris implored Americans to deliberation of those closest to them erstwhile reasoning astir the vaccine. “Don’t enactment your families done that. The vaccine is free. It is safe, and it volition prevention your life. So, folks conscionable request to get vaccinated,” she said to a circular of applause.

Other topics that the vice president touched connected during her Friday quality included borderline patrol’s handling of Haitian refugees, the U.S. pulling troops retired of Afghanistan, the Texas termination laws, and expanding broadband entree for students. Harris’ erstwhile appearances connected the show, began successful 2019, erstwhile she was a California legislator and campaigner for president herself. She appeared erstwhile arsenic President Joe Biden‘s running mate successful October 2020, and she had an quality connected the amusement successful June 2020, months earlier she was announced arsenic Biden’s vice statesmanlike pick!

Kamala Harris, 56, was the impermanent connected ‘The View’ connected Friday. (Ken Cedeno/UPI/Shutterstock)

During her June 2020 appearance, Harris spoke successful extent about George Floyd’murder successful May 2020. Following truthful soon aft Floyd’s decease and successful the midst of Black Lives Matter protests crossed the country, Harris noted astatine the clip that convicting Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin wouldn’t beryllium “easy.” Chauvin has since been convicted. At the time, the then-senator called for Chauvin to beryllium held liable for his actions. “But there’s nary denying that this, this serviceman and those who were his accomplices should wage attraction real consequences and accountability for what they’ve done,” she said.