Raiders survive 'dumb' sin bin to continue winning streak

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Thanks for tuning into our unrecorded sum of Saturday nighttime rugby league.

The Rabbitohs were excessively bully for the Tigers aboriginal connected with a 20-0 victory. Read much here.

At North Queensland, the unit accrued connected Anthony Griffin with the Cowboys smashing the Dragons 42-22 successful Ben Hunt's 300th match. Jayden Sullivan's nonaccomplishment to instrumentality to the crippled aft being misdeed binned was a major talking point. 

Raiders firebrand Corey Horsburgh kept the assemblage entertained erstwhile helium threw a punch early against the Eels. His misdeed binning didn't impact the broadside excessively overmuch with Canberra making it 5 wins successful a enactment with a 26-18 victory.

We'll beryllium backmost time for the Knights clash against the Titans astatine 2pm earlier the Sea Eagles instrumentality connected the Sharks astatine 4:05pm. 

Maika Sivo brought the Eels wrong striking region aft going implicit successful the corner, but it wasn't capable arsenic the Raiders countered done Matthew Timoko.

In beforehand of their aged boys, the Canberra Raiders triumph 26-18.

Clint Gutherson is penalised for a precocious shot.

The Eels effort to situation but the Bunker reinforces referee Grant Atkins' decision.

"Is that it?," Dan Ginnane said successful commentary for Fox League.

"There's been immoderate brushed calls contiguous with immoderate of the precocious contacts," Michael Ennis added.

Moments later, the Eels are penalised again done Jake Arthur.

Jarrod Croker takes the accidental for a punishment changeable and kicks truly.

The Raiders pb 22-12.

Bailey Simonsson goes implicit down the near broadside aft a stunning down-field effort from Will Penisini.

The centre shrugged disconnected respective players arsenic helium bolted.

Clint Gutherson can't marque the conversion. The Raiders pb 20-12.

Deja vu!

The shot skims crossed the aboveground for different four-pointer to the Raiders.

Jamal Fogarty acceptable up the play, allowing Sebastian Kris to tally onto the ball.

"The grubber does it again," Dan Ginnane said for Fox Footy.

Jarrod Croker slots his 3rd conversion of the evening and Canberra pb 12-8.

Forty minutes near to play!

Wasting nary time, Hudson Young pounces connected the shot - which was nudged implicit the tryline by Tom Starling - to score.

Jarrod Croker converts and Raiders instrumentality a six-point lead.

At fractional time, Zac Woolford was besides rubbed retired of the lucifer with concussion.

The Eels scored the opening effort done J'maine Hopgood conscionable arsenic Corey Horsburgh was preparing to instrumentality from the misdeed bin.

Now, the Raiders person responded connected the brink of fractional clip via Albert Hopoate.

With both conversions being made, scores are level connected 8 a piece.

In wounded news, Shaun Lane has been ruled retired of the lucifer with a hamstring complaint. While Joseph Tapine appears to person hyperextended his knee.

Tensions person erupted astatine GIO Stadium with punches thrown!

The melee exploded aft a sound connected from Andrew Davey.

The Eels volition beryllium penalised for initiating the conflict, nevertheless Corey Horsburgh has been marched to the bin for striking Ryan Matterson.

"You've thrown a punch truthful you are going to the bin," referee Grant Atkins told Horsburgh.

Surprising, the firebrand is the the lone 1 sent off.

"This got a small much heated than usual," Michael Ennis said successful commentary for Fox League.

"Bit of a flair up implicit thing there, it was a large changeable by Wighton and Croker connected Davey."

"It seemed a small carnal since it was going to beryllium called a sound connected but wow determination seems to beryllium punches thrown here," Dan Ginnane added.

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