Katie Thurston’s Short Hair Makeover: ‘The Bachelorette’ Star Debuts Dramatic New Look — Before & After Photos

3 months ago

Before & After Pics

January 27, 2022 4:58PM EST

Katie Thurston is rocking a marque caller bob chopped and hairsbreadth colour and she present looks wholly antithetic from her stint connected ‘The Bachelorette.’

Katie Thurston, 31, is inactive slaying adjacent aft The Bachelorette. The Season 17 prima rocked a caller stunning bob chopped successful an always-essential post-haircut car selfie that she posted to Instagram. She besides updated her colour which her brownish locks a somewhat auburn tint. “A speedy car selfie aft this astonishing chopped by @jules_baker_,” she captioned her post. “While I loved having a earthy agelong look created by @colorbyally , I knew I was acceptable for thing caller successful 2022. Such a talented squad astatine @styleloungesd.” The prima showed disconnected her caller look aft her makeover successful the archetypal descent of her Instagram look.

The world TV prima besides shared a earlier pic wherever her hairsbreadth was somewhat longer and had its regular brunette color. When she was on The Bacheloretteshe would often deterioration extensions to springiness her tresses much magnitude and volume. However, present she’s owning her hair’s texture with her sleek abbreviated look, and the chopped positive the assurance that comes with it are hella sexy. Here’s a look astatine her aged long-haired look.

Katie ThurstonKatie Thurston with her extensions. (Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock)

Since The Bachelorette has wrapped, Katie broke things disconnected with her last roseate pick Blake Moynes. The 2 knew they had plentifulness of obstacles to flooded successful the existent satellite extracurricular of world TV. They lived successful antithetic countries arsenic Blake was from Canada portion Katie lived successful the states. Plus, Blake had to question to Africa often for his enactment with wildlife conservation.

Just months aft Blake was announced the victor of The Bachelorette, he and the Washington authorities autochthonal revealed they were going their separate ways. The adjacent month, Katie partook successful an arguably cringy inclination she dubbed “Twelve Days of Messy” wherever she assigned a opus from Taylor Swift’s Red to each of the men connected her play of The Bachelorette. When she got to the twelfth day, she revealed that she and John Hersey from her play were dating.

There has been immoderate contention implicit whether her transportation with John overlapped with her narration with Blake. John, however, came to her defense and maintained that “we were ALWAYS platonic” successful a Reddit thread. “The boundaries of our relationship with respect to her ongoing narration ne'er adjacent required addressing, due to the fact that it was ne'er a thought successful our minds that we would ever beryllium thing more,” helium continued.