Kendall Jenner Rocks Blue Crop Top & Leggings Heading To Pilates: Photos

1 month ago

Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner is getting her fittingness on! In photos snapped connected May 18, the supermodel, 26, stunned successful a agleam bluish sports bra and leggings acceptable arsenic she headed to Pilates successful Los Angeles. She wore a airy grey pullover sweater astir her shoulders and accessorized with achromatic sunglasses. She near her highlighted hairsbreadth down and completed her look with brownish Birkenstocks worn implicit achromatic mid-calf socks. She besides carried a 64-ounce Takeya h2o vessel that matched the bluish she was wearing.

Kendall JennerKendall Jenner heads to Pilates successful the bluish ensemble (Photo: BACKGRID)

Skin-tight athleisure deterioration sets look to beryllium the go-to outfits for Kendall’s workouts. On May 13, she was photographed wearing what appears to beryllium the aforesaid acceptable but successful a agleam greenish color. The apical was the marque Meshki’s Elise V Back Cami Crop Top and her leggings were the brand’s Venus V Back Leggings. The apical and bottommost merchantability for $49 and $59, respectively. On that day, though, she traded her h2o vessel for java and her Birkenstocks for Yeezy slides. And successful February, she was seen rocking what looked similar the aforesaid acceptable again, but successful a burnt orangish color, per the Daily Mail.

Kendall JennerKendall Jenner seems to person worn this acceptable successful 3 antithetic colors (Photo: ENT /

While Kendall is the astir backstage of her 4 different sisters, she has precocious been successful the spotlight for a wide scope of controversies stemming from her and her family’s caller Hulu show, The Kardashians. After the May 12 occurrence aired, she was trolled for the mode she tried to chopped a cucumber portion conversing with her ma Kris Jenner, 66 — particularly due to the fact that she thought it was a elemental task. “I’m making it myself — I’m conscionable gonna chop up immoderate cucumber. It’s beauteous easy,” she casually stated aft Kris asked her if she wanted her cook to marque her a snack. The clip went viral, and the Vogue screen miss herself replied to 1 tweet making amusive of her by simply writing, “Tragic!”

During the aforesaid episode, things got aggravated for the second-youngest Kardashian sister erstwhile she got into a heated argument with Scott Disick, 38, aft helium wouldn’t halt complaining astir not being invited to her oregon Kris’ day parties. Kendall got truthful fed up with Scott for not allowing her to talk adjacent aft she apologized that she got up and walked away.

It’s been a engaged week for Kendall — nary wonderment she needed to get immoderate Pilates in!